Monday, August 3, 2009

Just another problem

My doctor's appointment went ok today. I didn't dilate any last week so I'm still at 1cm but I do have a new problem. I have polyhydramnios, which means I have an excess amount of amniotic fluid. This problem can cause premature rupture of membranes (premature breaking of water) and abruption (something I'm all too familiar with). My stomach measured at 40 cm today and it should only measure 36. With all of this plus the fact that I'm completely over it, we're going to try stripping my membranes on Monday. What that means is that she's going to separate the bag of water from my cervix. There's a chance that she might break my water in the process but the goal is to just irritate my uterus enough to start labor. Usually you go into labor within 2 days of having your membranes stripped. So thats the plan for Monday. We'll see if it actually works. Good news that came out of today....I'm off bedrest!!! I can't go to work but I can go out in public now. Although I'm still not up for a lot of activity yet, its nice to know I can go to the store if I want to.