Saturday, March 31, 2012

Learning to Be Friends Again

Sometimes I struggle with what to share on the blog.  I don't want to be fake but I also don't want to put out every intimate detail of my life out on the internet. But I feel like now is the time to share what's been going on lately.

I mentioned before that my life is kinda upside down right now.  Only a handful of people really know what that means.  But long story short, the Hubs and I have hit a rough patch.  Without going into detail, let's just say we're taking the time to really work on us.  As the Hubs put it, we have to learn to be friends again.

I've said it before...the Hubs is anything but romantic.  If you look up romantic in the dictionary, the Hubs is the opposite of the definition.  It's just not him.  I'm ok with that, however, every girl wants a little romance in their life.  Well the Hubs outdid himself.  He planned an entire date night that was simply amazing.  Just what the 2 of us needed.

I pulled into the driveway to find a bouquet of flowers tucked in our front door.  I came in and found flowers on our kitchen counter, on our entertainment center, on our dining room table, even in our bathroom.  The Hubs was hiding, just watching me find the flowers.
all my beautiful flowers put in vases
Then we were off to dinner.  We're so fortunate to live so close to the beach (like 10 minutes).  We headed down to Bubba Gumps (a restaurant close to our hearts...our first dinner there was on our honeymoon in Breckenridge) and had a waterfront seat.  We enjoyed our food, the views, and Coronaritas!!! {sorry for the horrible pics that follow....the Hubs's phone isn't as good as mine I guess}
very blurry picture from the Hubs's phone (I feel kinda skinny in it!)
Our Coronaritas!!!!
After dinner, we headed to fro yo (the Hubs was clearly making this night all about me!!!!)
Yogurtland is by far my fav (with Yogurtology a close second of course)
We always had plans to see Hunger Games last night but we opted to see it at our local theater instead of driving to St Pete to see it.  Plus that theater is right next to Yogurtland so it was perfect.  We bought our tickets and killed some time at Target.  {side note....I'm turning into such a girl.  I'm not one to wear ever...but I've been trying to look cute on a daily basis now.  My Target purchases included a Transformer (for a patient), 3 nail polishes, a new eyeshadow, and makeup remover.  Who am I?} Then we were off to the movie.  The movie was awesome!  I don't want to go too much into a movie review but I was very pleased with it.  And it definitely made me want to read the second book even more.

I'm so thankful that the Hubs went out of his way to make this an amazing night for the both of us.  It meant the world to me that he tried to make it the best first date ever.  And you know what, it truly was.  It was actually better than our real first date.

Hubs.....sorry I blurted out some of our issues over the internet but I wanted everyone to know how amazing our night was.  I love you so much!!!  Here's to learning to be friends again!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MIA....and I don't mean Miami

How did a week go by since my last post?  Friends, I apologize for my MIA-ness on this here blog.  My life is kinda upside down right now and I'm working my best to turn things around.  It's been a rough week but there were some shining moments.

Work's been really crazy with the switch to EMR.  Clinic is full of cranky doctors, annoyed parents, and amazing kiddos.  Our process has slowed down big time but this is a great change for us.  I'm just hoping everyone stays on board and can catch up to my excitement.  While I'm on the subject about work, thank you so much for all the love after my last post. I didn't realize how much my passion and love for my profession comes out when I talk about nursing.  I truly am blessed to absolutely love and adore my job.

Friday I got to spend some time with my amazing Tampa girls.  A lot of people think it's weird that I have a group of "internet friends" but let me tell you, these women are amazing and have blessed my life in such a short period of time.  It's always fun to get together over yummy food (a la Pinterest), a glass of sangria, and just be in the moment.  Plus a little bit of girl time is exactly what I needed right now.  Our next meet up can't come soon enough!
Some of the Tampa Blogger Gals
Pic courtesy of Asha
Me and Becca....seriously, I adore this girl.  No joke. And can borrow my dress!!!
Sunday we got to celebrate our nephew's 2nd birthday.  I'm thankful for my switch to clinic because now I have all weekends off.  I've never been to any of our family/friend's birthday parties because I was always working.  Now I never have to worry about that!  It was nice to just hang out with John's brother and his family.  Plus watching my kids play with their cousin is everything I have ever wanted. Family is so important and I really want my kids to realize this from a young age.  I even got into playtime (aka Aunt Jessica chased AJ and my kiddos around the house for 15 minutes!!!)
I just love the look he's giving me!!!
Em and AJ playing with Aunt Michele
I am so happy to have had wonderful events go on last week. I'm hoping this week will be just as wonderful.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Jessica and I'll be your nurse today

I love saying that.

Growing up I always thought I'd be a pediatrician.  I don't know when I started dreaming of being a doctor but that's all I can remember wanting to be.  Well that's a lie.  When I was 4, I wanted to drive a blue pickup like my Dad and haul chickens.  Obviously I was not a girly girl.  So I guess once I realized that chickens are annoying (sorry if anyone has them), I wanted to be a pediatrician.  Fast forward to college.  I dated a guy who was taking organic chemistry and I thought it was hard.  But knowing that I needed to take it for med school, to signed up.  Within a week or two, I decided that organic chemistry was for the birds and tabled my lifelong dream of being a doctor.  I bounced around for a few years taking random classes, getting way too involved in the social aspect of life, "finding myself" as I guess they call it, before I realized that I wanted to stay in the medical field and that I'd go into nursing.  Long story short....I left USF, went to HCC, got my RN and started my life as a nurse.

The Hubs and I got married right after I graduated from nursing school and moved to Orlando.  I worked for Florida Hospital in their children's hospital.  {Side note....anyone looking for a great system to work for....Florida Hospital is AMAZING!!!!} I was nervously excited. On my first day, I showed up, awkwardly found the charge nurse and figured out who I was working with.  My preceptor was late and didn't even know she was precepting anyone.  Talk about awkward.  But turns out, she was amazing.  I learned so much from her and from my second preceptor.  I truly believe that they shaped me into the nurse I am today.  I will always remember feeling like I had no idea what I was doing or what was going on.  I constantly doubted myself (without letting my patients or their parents realize that).  But I never questioned whether or not I had chosen the right career.  Within a week, my fridge was covered with artwork from my patients.  I came home every day with marker all over me because I spent the afternoon coloring with a patient who's parents had to work.  My dresser and night stand were filled with little trinkets made by my kiddos.  These were my precious belongings.  These were my daily reminders that I found what I was supposed to do with my life.  And while it took me almost 2 years and a move back home to All Children's to find my true passion in nursing, those first moments as a new nurse are what made me who I am today.  Those moments confirmed that I made the right decision.

Now that I have over 6 years under my belt (and I say that like I've been in nursing forever), I've realized that I was always supposed to be a nurse.  There's not a doubt in my mind about that anymore.  And those dreams of med school that got tossed aside?  It was the best decision I ever made. I can't imagine being a doctor now.  My calling is to nursing and I'm privileged to be in an amazing profession that fills my life with so many rewards on a daily basis.

Plus I get to color, watch cartoons, sing silly songs, and play all day long....and get paid to do so!  How much better could life get?!?!?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just the type of day I needed

I had great plans of linking up today with Renee for the Memories of a New Nurse link up but I have to detour a bit.  Don't worry post is coming!   Instead I have to share my awesome family day today.  We're switching to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at work which I'm stoked about but it's a HUGE endeavor for our clinic.  I was scheduled to work all 5 days this week (hello overtime!) but decided to go in a little later this morning.  A few minutes before my alarm went off, my amazing boss (and I'm not just saying that.  She really is amazing) called to tell me to take the entire day off.  I did offer to come in regardless but I was more than willing to stay in my bed, all snuggly warm.  I mentioned to the Hubs that I had the day off and he told me to pick Noah up from school and grab Em from his dad since they've had them all week.  I was bummed by this because I am EXHAUSTED beyond belief, even though I'm getting quite a bit of sleep.  But I sucked it up (after a bit of complaining) and hopped in car line.  Seeing how excited Noah got when he realized it was me picking him up for school was AMAZING!  He was so excited.  Then when we picked up Em, she came running out of the house like she hadn't seen me in ages.  So we made it quite the afternoon.

We grabbed lunch at McDonalds...they have Transformers Prime and My Little Pony toys...both of which my kids are psyched about.  Then we met my mom and walked around Petsmart and Petland.  At Petland, I fell in love with this guy:
He's a puggle.  Beagle and pug mix.  Now I hate pugs but this little guy stole my heart.  And I'm not a dog person at all.  But I wanted to scoop him up, put him in my purse, and head home.  And I would have, if the price tag wasn't a measly $999.  Say what!?!?!?  For a dog?!?!?!  If I had it laying around, I'd actually think about getting him.  So we sadly left the pet store empty handed, headed to Target (we got Em some big girl undies because this is the weekend potty training happens), and made a stop in my new favorite location:
Same concept as Yogurtology but a heck of a lot cheaper (like $0.15/once cheaper) and 5 minutes from my house.  Heaven!!!!  We made it home, the kids took a nap, and when the Hubs got home from work, we headed out to grab pizza (which happened to be right next to Yogurtland, Petland, and Target...coincidence????).  So after dinner I tried to convince the Hubs that we needed that cute lil guy (didn't work),  headed to Target, and then back to Yogurtland.  Yes, I ate froyo twice in one day. Am I ashamed?  Absolutely not!

Now we're home watching the amazing upsets of these basketball games, waiting for the USF basketball game to come on.  I just hope I can stay awake for it.  Tip off isn't until after 10pm.  I might have to take a nap just to make it through the game.  GO BULLS!!!!
Our USF family pic.  John never sports green and gold so I had to capture the moment!!!  Please ignore my crazy hair...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Ok

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.....

~to be so thankful that this week is almost over.  EMR is kicking our butts in clinic
~to be stoked that USF made it to the tourney!!!
~to be looking forward to our Fantasy Baseball Draft on Sunday although I still have no idea who my first pick is
~to be shocked that the amount of tequila I drank this weekend didn't impact me too much on the scale this week
~to have the best boss ever!!!!
~to have to go out and buy new scrubs because all of my skinny scrubs are getting big
~to have the best friends in the world!!!!!
~to have a few special patients that can make your day so much better just by showing up
~to be more than excited that I'm finally getting my hair cut and colored on Saturday

Here's to the end of week 1 of EMR (and a much needed day off since I'm working every day this week...hello overtime!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{3.14 Spring Swap Reveal}

I'm so excited to share all the goodies I got from the {3.14 Spring Swap} hosted by Jen, Erin, and Krystal.  I was partnered with Kristina of Pretty Rambles....  You should really check her out if you haven't already.  She's getting ready to walk down the aisle too (who doesn't love weddings?!?)

Ok quick summary of the swap.  It involved 3 paper items, 1 accessory, and 4 pastel items.  Get it....3.1.4!!!  Cleaver girls!  And if you haven't noticed...3.14 is the date but what else is 3.14?  I'll give you a few minutes to think about it.

So here is my loot:
Please ignore the big flash in the middle.  My lighting wasn't great so the flash had to fire
My 3 stationary items:
~Tissues for allergy season (super smart)
~Recipe cards
~Card making kit.  I just love yellow, black, and gray together!  Can't wait to bust that open

My 1 Accessory:
~Awesome yellow bracelet from H&M.  Just confirms how much I love H&M.  I'm currently planning an outfit around it

My 4 Pastel items:
~Pink and green mini lint roller (this is girl is too cleaver). This bad boy is headed straight for my purse.
~Green zebra socks.  She must have read that I LOVE crazy socks for work
~Spring pencils.  They're going to "spring" up in my pen cup on my desk
~OPI Planks a Lot nail polish.  I love this color!!!  I painted my nails the minute I got it and Em's are painted to match!

Thanks Kristina for being an awesome swap partner!!!

Did you figure out 3.14?  It's Pi.  Happy Pi Day!!!

An accidental blogging vacay (photo overload)

Man I did not mean for an entire week to pass without posting once here.  I guess that's what happens when you are having way too much fun!!!  My excitement started on Wednesday and continued through Sunday.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent with Nicole and Tori at the Strawberry Festival.  Wednesday was our day to enjoy the fair, not just the concerts we had planned.  We rode some rides (always a good time), ate fried cookie dough (AMAZING) and saw The Band Perry.  The concert was a little disappointing but I love live music so I won't complain too much.  Thursday was the day I was looking forward to the most.  Luke Bryan was performing.  If you've never seen him before, let me just tell you.  He is one of the sexiest men alive.  For realz.  He can sing. He's hot.  He can shake his booty.  He's just awesome.  And he did not disappoint.  It was one of the best concerts I've seen.  It was so much fun!  We did have a slight detour right as the concert was starting to the First Aid building but we quickly returned to our seats (sorry to any Plant City peeps but the EMTs that were manning the First Aid booth were dumb.  Tori and I were pretty much calling the shots)
waiting for Luke
so amazing!
he played Adele
Shakin it with the Country Girls
Friday our friend Mindy married her best friend Al.  It was a beautiful ceremony in a park under the oak trees with ocean views followed by a lovely reception. I'm so blessed to have been a part of Mindy's special day (plus she's amazing!!!)
My favorite picture
Seeing Al standing at the end of the aisle
She's married!!!!!
Saturday we headed to Riverview to hang out with one of our favorite couples, the Hettinger's.  We had a kid free weekend so we definitely took advantage of it (and somehow a lot of tequila disappeared....wonder how that happened).  Unfortunately there are no pictures from that night (aside from a few questionable Draw Something pictures). Sunday morning we headed back to home to pick up the kiddos and head to the Seminole Pow Wow.  Every year, Seminole has a huge carnival weekend (the Pow Wow).  We're fortunate enough to live right across the street from the Rec Center where it's held so we always look forward to the Pow Wow.  This year, John's mom and brother/sister in law/nephew joined us for the festivities.  Noah and Emmy loved hanging out with their cousin AJ!!!
Crazy Em out
Sharing a stroller with her cousin
Going down the slide with Gama
Daddy and Aunt Michele with the kids
Uncle Jimmy and Daddy on the bumper cars with Noah
He loved it!!!  Can't you tell?!?!?
It was an exhausting week but it was the best week I've had in a long time.  I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends in my life!  I wouldn't trade this week for anything. Well maybe if I got a lot of sleep...jk!!!Photobucket

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Take That Fatness!!!

I'm rocking this weight loss!
I'm down another 2lbs!!!!  For a grand total of 16.2 in 7 weeks.  I'm loving it!
I was pretty confident that I gained a ton of weight after my night out with the girls, all the restaurants we've been to this week, and because I was just plain hungry.  Needless to say, I was talking to Allison, the WW leader who weighs me in every week {I have mild OCD, on top of my ADHD, and I have to weigh in on the same scale.  It's a control thing but hey, it's working for me} that I was prepared for a gain.  She asked why and I just said because I ate this week.  When I saw the number, I said "I lost!!!" I've never been that vocal on the scale before but it was like a moment of disbelief.  I was working this week towards that elusive 15lb mark but I met that and more.  Now I'm focused on hitting the 20lb mark!  Who knows...maybe I can lose 30lbs by Easter.
Until then, I'm focused on staying on track and staying on program. And maybe a little wish list of new items to add to my closet!!!

Tuesday Randoms

A few randoms to share with you on this fine Tuesday......

~I got a piece of glass stuck in my foot Monday morning.  It's still there.  The Hubs and I tried to perform minor surgery on it last night but it didn't work.  Even put EMLA on and all.  Hopefully my foot doesn't get infected and fall off because of it (exaggerating much?)
~I think I'm the only person not watching The Voice, Smash and GCB.  Not because I don't want to watch them (I do!!!) but the Hubs watches WWE every Monday so I'm left to watch them on Hulu, eventually
~I have NO desire to weigh in today.  Is it bad that I'm thinking about skipping???  I'm not going to but I'm not up for gaining
~I'm trying to overcome my nail biting habit.  I've painted my sad, pathetic nails for a week now.  I'm proud to say I'm doing well with it but feel like a dork for painting my ridiculously short nails
~I'm already researching Easter goodies to make for Noah's PreK class
~I'm so excited I get to wear regular clothes to work today.  Scrubs are fun but they get old after a while
~I love getting mail!!!  I got my 3.14 Spring Swap package in the mail and I love it!!!
~I might start a campaign to bring back letter writing. There's nothing better than a handwritten note in your mailbox
~I desperately need to learn how to ship things other than using the flat rate boxes
~On Sunday, in the middle of church, I got freaked out for the first time that I'm turning 30 in 6 months (not the most productive use of my church time but I'm blaming it on my undiagnosed ADHD)
~I have no idea how to put on makeup
~I secretly love it when Noah asks me to spend in night in his room on the weekends. It's nice to know he still loves his Momma even if he's growing up
~I get stressed when Noah asks me to play Transformers with him
~I get stressed when Emmy asks me to play dolls with her
~I'm planning on making our Fantasy Baseball Draft look like it came straight off Pinterest
~I can't wait for Opening Day!!!!!!!!!!!
~I love these 2 like crazy:


Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to you, well what's left of it anyways!  I feel like a huge slacker because I haven't been keeping up with all my favorite reads lately (or at least showing some love to them).  I'm trying to keep up and eventually I'll get around to commenting.  I'm just lucky to clear my Google Reader every few days.

We actually had a pretty good weekend.  Saturday we rode the train at Largo Central Park with the kiddos and our nephew AJ.  The kids loved having Uncle Jim, Aunt Michele, and AJ around for the day.  It was really nice to just enjoy the time together, just the 7 of us.  It was also nice to see the Hubs and his brother hanging out with their kids.  I really hope this is something we can regularly do, not only for our kids's sake but for the Hubs's sake as well.  We rounded out the day with a birthday dinner for my brother and Dad.  It was a great family day!

Sunday I took Noah to church with me.  I must say, church is so much better without Em.  She doesn't understand that she can't talk as loud as she wants or that she can't leave whenever she wants.  Plus Noah behaves so much better without her.  But I do want her to go to church.  We just have to find that fine line between a tolerable experience and a horrible experience.  Then I headed over to Tampa to have brunch with the blog gals. It was a great time although I wish I would have taken pictures.  I don't know why I haven't taken any pics from our meet ups.  So not like me.  Be prepared camera will be out in full force later this month!!!

This week is full of exciting things!!!  Wednesday and Thursday I'm headed to the Strawberry Festival to see Luke Bryan and The Band Perry with Nicole and Tori.  I've been looking forward to these nights for weeks now.  I can't wait!! Plus I can't wait to spend some quality time with these girls.  Then Friday is the wedding of our sweet Mindy.  I'm so excited to see her walk down the aisle!  Saturday night we're headed to Riverview to spend time with one of our favorite couples, the Hettinger's.  I can't wait to see what trouble we have in store for us!!!  Sunday is the Seminole PowWow carnival and then it's working all 5 days the following week for me.

Man....just writing that made me exhausted.  I can only imagine how tired I'll actually end up by the time next Friday rolls around.  But it will all be worth it!!!!


Friday, March 2, 2012

It's OK

I haven't linked up for It's OK Thursday in a long time (which is NOT OK).  So here goes...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.....
~to be livid that the email I've been composing for 20 minutes has disappeared, for the second time (and it's an important work email)
~to be so glad this week is over 
~to be super excited for all the fun scheduled next week (2 concerts, 2 trips to the Strawberry Festival, 1 wedding)
~to be excited that I get to wear something other than scrubs to work on Tuesday, even if it means sitting at my desk all day long entering meds into the new computer system
~to be thrilled that the furniture for the porch was delivered today
~to sit and talk to the Hubs in said furniture for 2 hours tonight (increased our face to face talking by like 7000%)
~to think I have the best kids on the planet
~to be itching to get on the elliptical
~to finally be starting to feel the slightest bit better after 8 days of feeling horrible 
~to be looking forward to brunch on Sunday with my Tampa Blogger Gals
~to absolutely love this link up and think of it as the only reason to blog on Thursdays!!!!! Photobucket