Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Jessica and I'll be your nurse today

I love saying that.

Growing up I always thought I'd be a pediatrician.  I don't know when I started dreaming of being a doctor but that's all I can remember wanting to be.  Well that's a lie.  When I was 4, I wanted to drive a blue pickup like my Dad and haul chickens.  Obviously I was not a girly girl.  So I guess once I realized that chickens are annoying (sorry if anyone has them), I wanted to be a pediatrician.  Fast forward to college.  I dated a guy who was taking organic chemistry and I thought it was hard.  But knowing that I needed to take it for med school, to signed up.  Within a week or two, I decided that organic chemistry was for the birds and tabled my lifelong dream of being a doctor.  I bounced around for a few years taking random classes, getting way too involved in the social aspect of life, "finding myself" as I guess they call it, before I realized that I wanted to stay in the medical field and that I'd go into nursing.  Long story short....I left USF, went to HCC, got my RN and started my life as a nurse.

The Hubs and I got married right after I graduated from nursing school and moved to Orlando.  I worked for Florida Hospital in their children's hospital.  {Side note....anyone looking for a great system to work for....Florida Hospital is AMAZING!!!!} I was nervously excited. On my first day, I showed up, awkwardly found the charge nurse and figured out who I was working with.  My preceptor was late and didn't even know she was precepting anyone.  Talk about awkward.  But turns out, she was amazing.  I learned so much from her and from my second preceptor.  I truly believe that they shaped me into the nurse I am today.  I will always remember feeling like I had no idea what I was doing or what was going on.  I constantly doubted myself (without letting my patients or their parents realize that).  But I never questioned whether or not I had chosen the right career.  Within a week, my fridge was covered with artwork from my patients.  I came home every day with marker all over me because I spent the afternoon coloring with a patient who's parents had to work.  My dresser and night stand were filled with little trinkets made by my kiddos.  These were my precious belongings.  These were my daily reminders that I found what I was supposed to do with my life.  And while it took me almost 2 years and a move back home to All Children's to find my true passion in nursing, those first moments as a new nurse are what made me who I am today.  Those moments confirmed that I made the right decision.

Now that I have over 6 years under my belt (and I say that like I've been in nursing forever), I've realized that I was always supposed to be a nurse.  There's not a doubt in my mind about that anymore.  And those dreams of med school that got tossed aside?  It was the best decision I ever made. I can't imagine being a doctor now.  My calling is to nursing and I'm privileged to be in an amazing profession that fills my life with so many rewards on a daily basis.

Plus I get to color, watch cartoons, sing silly songs, and play all day long....and get paid to do so!  How much better could life get?!?!?


  1. It seems like you really enjoy your job which is SO important now a days! :-)

  2. Ohhh. This is such a sweet story. I just love how much you love your job! That's amazing. You really are meant to be a nurse!

  3. Wow, the story of a person who truly loves their job! I always love hearing about that. I'm glad you work in a field that makes you so happy!

  4. What a great post! It's so wonderful that you found your calling, and now have a job that you both enjoy and are good at. That makes all the difference in the world, I think - both to your own happiness, and to the lives you touch through nursing! Those kids are lucky to have you!

  5. I really think I'd love to be a nurse if I wasn't a teacher. It sounds like you absolutely love your job!

  6. Peds nurses AMAZE me. You guys have a tough but rewarding job!
    (Thanks for linking-up last time! We've got another one coming up April 3rd "The Things Patients say") :)