Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MIA....and I don't mean Miami

How did a week go by since my last post?  Friends, I apologize for my MIA-ness on this here blog.  My life is kinda upside down right now and I'm working my best to turn things around.  It's been a rough week but there were some shining moments.

Work's been really crazy with the switch to EMR.  Clinic is full of cranky doctors, annoyed parents, and amazing kiddos.  Our process has slowed down big time but this is a great change for us.  I'm just hoping everyone stays on board and can catch up to my excitement.  While I'm on the subject about work, thank you so much for all the love after my last post. I didn't realize how much my passion and love for my profession comes out when I talk about nursing.  I truly am blessed to absolutely love and adore my job.

Friday I got to spend some time with my amazing Tampa girls.  A lot of people think it's weird that I have a group of "internet friends" but let me tell you, these women are amazing and have blessed my life in such a short period of time.  It's always fun to get together over yummy food (a la Pinterest), a glass of sangria, and just be in the moment.  Plus a little bit of girl time is exactly what I needed right now.  Our next meet up can't come soon enough!
Some of the Tampa Blogger Gals
Pic courtesy of Asha
Me and Becca....seriously, I adore this girl.  No joke. And yes...you can borrow my dress!!!
Sunday we got to celebrate our nephew's 2nd birthday.  I'm thankful for my switch to clinic because now I have all weekends off.  I've never been to any of our family/friend's birthday parties because I was always working.  Now I never have to worry about that!  It was nice to just hang out with John's brother and his family.  Plus watching my kids play with their cousin is everything I have ever wanted. Family is so important and I really want my kids to realize this from a young age.  I even got into playtime (aka Aunt Jessica chased AJ and my kiddos around the house for 15 minutes!!!)
I just love the look he's giving me!!!
Em and AJ playing with Aunt Michele
I am so happy to have had wonderful events go on last week. I'm hoping this week will be just as wonderful.



  1. Had a blast hanging out girl can't wait for the next one :-)

  2. Saweeeet! my favorite part of this blog post was the part about me borrowing that dress. ha ha. : ] I love you friend. Fro yo next week maybe?

  3. Shew, life can sometimes really take a toll on blogging can't it? Hope you get everything lined out and under control soon. I LOVE that you have a group of internet friends. Consider youself lucky girlie :)

    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

  4. I'm so glad you had fun with the blogger girls on Friday. I wish I could have been there! I look forward to seeing you at the next meet-up.

  5. I had a blast as well and I feel ya on our little ol' group. I love it!

  6. I love that dress! You're looking so good! It's so nice that you all get to hang out. :)