Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{3.14 Spring Swap Reveal}

I'm so excited to share all the goodies I got from the {3.14 Spring Swap} hosted by Jen, Erin, and Krystal.  I was partnered with Kristina of Pretty Rambles....  You should really check her out if you haven't already.  She's getting ready to walk down the aisle too (who doesn't love weddings?!?)

Ok quick summary of the swap.  It involved 3 paper items, 1 accessory, and 4 pastel items.  Get it....3.1.4!!!  Cleaver girls!  And if you haven't noticed...3.14 is the date but what else is 3.14?  I'll give you a few minutes to think about it.

So here is my loot:
Please ignore the big flash in the middle.  My lighting wasn't great so the flash had to fire
My 3 stationary items:
~Tissues for allergy season (super smart)
~Recipe cards
~Card making kit.  I just love yellow, black, and gray together!  Can't wait to bust that open

My 1 Accessory:
~Awesome yellow bracelet from H&M.  Just confirms how much I love H&M.  I'm currently planning an outfit around it

My 4 Pastel items:
~Pink and green mini lint roller (this is girl is too cleaver). This bad boy is headed straight for my purse.
~Green zebra socks.  She must have read that I LOVE crazy socks for work
~Spring pencils.  They're going to "spring" up in my pen cup on my desk
~OPI Planks a Lot nail polish.  I love this color!!!  I painted my nails the minute I got it and Em's are painted to match!

Thanks Kristina for being an awesome swap partner!!!

Did you figure out 3.14?  It's Pi.  Happy Pi Day!!!


  1. Ohhh love your swap goodies & that OPI purple polish is amazing for spring! :-)

  2. Oh I'm so glad that you liked your goodies. I really enjoyed being paired with you and finding a new bloggy friend!!! Thanks for all of my goodies! I love them!!!