Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

A few randoms to share with you on this fine Tuesday......

~I got a piece of glass stuck in my foot Monday morning.  It's still there.  The Hubs and I tried to perform minor surgery on it last night but it didn't work.  Even put EMLA on and all.  Hopefully my foot doesn't get infected and fall off because of it (exaggerating much?)
~I think I'm the only person not watching The Voice, Smash and GCB.  Not because I don't want to watch them (I do!!!) but the Hubs watches WWE every Monday so I'm left to watch them on Hulu, eventually
~I have NO desire to weigh in today.  Is it bad that I'm thinking about skipping???  I'm not going to but I'm not up for gaining
~I'm trying to overcome my nail biting habit.  I've painted my sad, pathetic nails for a week now.  I'm proud to say I'm doing well with it but feel like a dork for painting my ridiculously short nails
~I'm already researching Easter goodies to make for Noah's PreK class
~I'm so excited I get to wear regular clothes to work today.  Scrubs are fun but they get old after a while
~I love getting mail!!!  I got my 3.14 Spring Swap package in the mail and I love it!!!
~I might start a campaign to bring back letter writing. There's nothing better than a handwritten note in your mailbox
~I desperately need to learn how to ship things other than using the flat rate boxes
~On Sunday, in the middle of church, I got freaked out for the first time that I'm turning 30 in 6 months (not the most productive use of my church time but I'm blaming it on my undiagnosed ADHD)
~I have no idea how to put on makeup
~I secretly love it when Noah asks me to spend in night in his room on the weekends. It's nice to know he still loves his Momma even if he's growing up
~I get stressed when Noah asks me to play Transformers with him
~I get stressed when Emmy asks me to play dolls with her
~I'm planning on making our Fantasy Baseball Draft look like it came straight off Pinterest
~I can't wait for Opening Day!!!!!!!!!!!
~I love these 2 like crazy:



  1. I love this post b/c I can relate to like 75% of these! Do you have Brighthouse? If so, they have a Primetime on demand channel, that's how I watch Smash b/c hubs also watches WWE (ugh) on Mondays. I just watched GCB and thought it was cute! I hope your foot gets better :\

  2. Oh no hope you get that glass out of your foot or it feels better soon! Your kiddos are the cutest :-)