Friday, March 16, 2012

Just the type of day I needed

I had great plans of linking up today with Renee for the Memories of a New Nurse link up but I have to detour a bit.  Don't worry post is coming!   Instead I have to share my awesome family day today.  We're switching to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at work which I'm stoked about but it's a HUGE endeavor for our clinic.  I was scheduled to work all 5 days this week (hello overtime!) but decided to go in a little later this morning.  A few minutes before my alarm went off, my amazing boss (and I'm not just saying that.  She really is amazing) called to tell me to take the entire day off.  I did offer to come in regardless but I was more than willing to stay in my bed, all snuggly warm.  I mentioned to the Hubs that I had the day off and he told me to pick Noah up from school and grab Em from his dad since they've had them all week.  I was bummed by this because I am EXHAUSTED beyond belief, even though I'm getting quite a bit of sleep.  But I sucked it up (after a bit of complaining) and hopped in car line.  Seeing how excited Noah got when he realized it was me picking him up for school was AMAZING!  He was so excited.  Then when we picked up Em, she came running out of the house like she hadn't seen me in ages.  So we made it quite the afternoon.

We grabbed lunch at McDonalds...they have Transformers Prime and My Little Pony toys...both of which my kids are psyched about.  Then we met my mom and walked around Petsmart and Petland.  At Petland, I fell in love with this guy:
He's a puggle.  Beagle and pug mix.  Now I hate pugs but this little guy stole my heart.  And I'm not a dog person at all.  But I wanted to scoop him up, put him in my purse, and head home.  And I would have, if the price tag wasn't a measly $999.  Say what!?!?!?  For a dog?!?!?!  If I had it laying around, I'd actually think about getting him.  So we sadly left the pet store empty handed, headed to Target (we got Em some big girl undies because this is the weekend potty training happens), and made a stop in my new favorite location:
Same concept as Yogurtology but a heck of a lot cheaper (like $0.15/once cheaper) and 5 minutes from my house.  Heaven!!!!  We made it home, the kids took a nap, and when the Hubs got home from work, we headed out to grab pizza (which happened to be right next to Yogurtland, Petland, and Target...coincidence????).  So after dinner I tried to convince the Hubs that we needed that cute lil guy (didn't work),  headed to Target, and then back to Yogurtland.  Yes, I ate froyo twice in one day. Am I ashamed?  Absolutely not!

Now we're home watching the amazing upsets of these basketball games, waiting for the USF basketball game to come on.  I just hope I can stay awake for it.  Tip off isn't until after 10pm.  I might have to take a nap just to make it through the game.  GO BULLS!!!!
Our USF family pic.  John never sports green and gold so I had to capture the moment!!!  Please ignore my crazy hair...


  1. Love your USF family picture so sweet! YUM I so need to try Yogurtland!

  2. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I'll have to try Yogurtland sometime. I'm sort of addicted to Yogurtology, so I love the idea of a cheaper alternative.

  3. I love this family pic!! Ya'll are so cute!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful day! And oh man, I want that puggle. :)