Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A much needed update

I survived my first trimester without much problem. I had the occasional dry heaves and nausea but thats it. I thank God every day that I'm not having the same pregnancy I did with Noah. I actually enjoy eating and almost enjoy being pregnant this time around. We'll find out if its a girl or boy in April, so not much longer to wait.

We placed an offer on an amazing home last night. Our realtor, Vivian, is doing an amazing job with us. They have to get back to us by 5pm tonight to let us know what they think. Vivian told their realtor that we didn't want to counter, this was a great offer, and that she needed to make her client come down in price since she got us to increase our offer (well I decided to offer more). So if all goes well, we'll close on March 31st.

I need everyone to keep a family in their prayers. A girl I work with has spent the past 3 weeks admitted to St Joes Womens Hospital having difficulties with her pregnancy. On Monday, they had to deliver the baby at 24 weeks. He's in the NICU and has a very long road ahead of him. Please keep the baby, she and her husband in your prayers please.

~JRC and baby~

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