Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tiny Ballerina

I'm sure I talked a lot about Emmy's dancing.  This past year was her first year in dance. She is quite talented and picked it up right away. We went through a very rough patch in December, making us take an entire month off of dance. But then she was back.  Surgery kinda derailed our progress because she missed a few weeks right before recital time. I was really nervous that she wouldn't actually dance in the recital.  But I kept my fingers crossed and headed into rehearsal week.

If I have anything negative to say about the whole recital experience it's rehearsal week.  I totally understand that this is a production and it has to be perfect.  But having 2 and 3 year olds at the studio every night from 5-8pm is just wrong.  It's hard for little ones to sit still but to ask them to be at the studio every night and be still was a bit much. Em did pretty good for most of the days. She ended up sitting with me a lot, which was totally ok in my book.  It was a rough week for both of us.
Dress Rehearsal
I went in to recital night a bit on edge.  I wasn't confident Em would dance.  She let me do her makeup and get her in her costume but once we got to the auditorium, she was back to her old panicked self.  She wouldn't go back stage.  She didn't want me to leave her. She was on the verge of tears the whole time.  I finally talked to the studio director to come up with a game plan.  She told me I could watch from the wings and then take her back to our seats once her dance was over.  That was the best solution she could offer me.  I took it in the hopes that Em would actually dance.  It wasn't until about 30 seconds before their dance that she actually got out of my arms and headed on to the stage.
On our way to the auditorium
There's something about little girls in big tutus that can put a smile on anyone's face.  The performance was great.  It got a little off track in the middle but the girls were so cute that it didn't matter.  Em danced and that's all I could ask for.  I was so proud of her!

To Miss Kelley....Thank you so much for believing in Emily.  She had her ups and downs and you stood behind her.  You never gave up on her which means the world to me. She loves to dance and you're a huge part of that.  Making Em a DC girl was one of the best choices we've made for her. Being a part of the Dance Central family has become a huge part of who we are. Thank you for always welcoming us with open arms. And thank you for making this such an amazing experience for Emily (and me).  We love you!!!!
Em loves her Miss Kelley!!!!
My tiny dancer on her first day of dance and at her recital

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  1. Oh she is just so cute! So happy she made it out on stage. I've taught many a kinder dance class and been through too many recital weekends to count so I know all too well how crazy it can be making sure the little ones are happy and ready to go while still making sure the show is running smoothly- but they're always my favorite! Growing up at a dance studio instilled the work ethic in me that I have now and I wouldn't change my years in dance for anything! I love love love seeing little ones just starting out. :) I hope she keeps it up!
    By the Seat of My Shorts

  2. Oh how precious- I'm so glad she decided to dance. She's a brave little gal. Hope she continues to love it more and more as she grows up :)

  3. I'm so glad she danced! This is all just so precious. I'm sure I've told you before that I danced from age 3 or 4 to age 12 and loved it. This takes me back to my old recital days. :)