Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas is Upon Us!!! And a special offer from my favorite photo sites!!!

As much as I complained on Facebook about the extreme disgust I had for Christmas decorations being hung before Halloween, I'm secretly excited about all of the Christmas stuff available right now. I'm not excited for Christmas music yet but its only a matter of time before I get excited about that. But really, I've never been so prepared for the holidays than I am this year. Our gift lists are completed and Santa's even been shopping for Noah and Emmy. He's almost done! I'm so excited!

So that brings me to my next huge feat.....Family Photos! This might be the aspect of the holiday season that stresses me out the most. Finding the kids outfits is never difficult thanks to the amazing color coordination that The Children's Place has. The stress comes from figuring out what John and I are going to wear. I think I have it figured out but we'll see. I just can't wait for the pictures! Photos are just one of the many things that make me smile. Everything about them.....the actual act of taking a picture, capturing a moment forever is the best thing ever. Then actually having the picture, in your hands, to cherish forever....nothing's better than that. If you've met me, you know that I always have my camera at all times and I am constantly snapping away. What do I do with all of those pictures? Nothing. I'm so bummed by digital photography because I can take a ton of pictures but have no physical pictures to speak of.
My saving grace....Shutterfly! I absolutely adore Shutterfly. Not only do I have a photo site to share pictures of my little ones, I use them for almost everything! Our honeymoon is captured in a beautiful Photobook. I'm in the middle of creating a Photobook for 2009 (I guess I need to work on a 2010 book too). I made a book for Sharon after my wedding and did a thank you book for my parents of our wedding pictures. Shutterfly is my go-to site for Christmas cards. I'm big on sharing my family photos (well photos of my kids) with everyone! This year's layouts are too good to be true. I've mentioned some of my favorites in postings before but I just can't say enough. I can't decide which ones will be coming to mailboxes near you this holiday season.

Holiday cards are always a great way to spread your holiday cheer and who doesn't love the opportunity to write a handwritten note?!?

My favorite!!! I just love the modern feel of this one!!!!

I've ordered multiple photocards and I'm not disappointed by this year's selection. The only decision I have to make is which layout to choose.

My new favorite! I find a new favorite every time I'm on the site. This combines my love of snowmen and monograms! Plus it gives me the opportunity to showcase more than just 1 picture of my adorable family!!!

And I am pleased to announce the new reason why I love Shutterfly....Birthday Invitations! I never in a million years thought to order invitations from here but after browsing the site, I have fallen in love with the perfect invite for Noah's 4th birthday party (and it's sparked my creative side and now I'm in full party planning mode for a construction site birthday party!)

I just love it!!! I can see it now.....dump trucks everywhere, a really cool cake, and these invitations!!!!

Now why am I talking about Shutterfly so much? They are doing a "blogger" promotion right now for 50 free holiday cards. Yes....I said 50. I know that covers almost all of my holiday card list. Who wouldn't love that?!?!? I absolutely adore Shutterfly and their products. If you haven't checked them out, you're missing out on so much.

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