Thursday, January 2, 2014

My best NYE ever

I spent yesterday in my pajamas enjoying everyone's NYE pictures and stories.  I loved seeing everyone all dressed up and having a good time.  I even found myself wishing I was in some of those pictures.  But the more I found myself drifting away with those thoughts, I was brought back to reality by the voices of my sweet children.  And you know what?  In that instant, it hit me.  I wouldn't have traded our NYE for anything in the world.

After I got home from work (which ended up being a few hours later than I had hoped), we took the kids to our favorite pizza place.  My gluten intolerance didn't like this choice but I wasn't letting that get in the way of our fun.  After having a great time at dinner, the kids wanted dessert but Yogurtland and the ice cream shop near by were closed.  So on to our back up plan....McDonalds ice cream cones!  My kids can eat ice cream like its their job.  On the way home, the Hubs and I were trying to explain the significance of NYE to the kids.  On a whim, I said that this would be the only night that they can stay up as late as they want.  You would have thought I gave them the keys to the world.  Noah exclaimed "I'm a grown up now!!!" Emmy was just excited that we weren't going to force her into bedtime.

The Hubs watched some football and the kids watched Disney Channel.  I finally got to see Up and Wall-E.  Noah looked like death warmed over but he was determined to stay up til midnight.  I might have cheated a little and took a quick 30 minute nap on the couch.  We switched the channel just in time to start the countdown to 2014, although I'm not quite sure Noah saw it drop.  He was practically asleep on the couch.
Still hanging in there
As the ball dropped, I got to share a New Years kiss with the loves of my life.  I wasn't out watching fireworks and sipping champagne in my sparkly outfit.  I was in baggy sweatpants, hair a mess, covered by my children on the couch with my husband on the loveseat. I wasn't at a swanky party but I was at the most amazing party I can think of.  I was with the people that bring me the most joy and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.


  1. How wonderful! I have lots of those home moments that can't be beat by great parties and events. Happy 2014, may it be a year of many more memories to come!

  2. I feel the same way! John and I have celebrated at home for the past 6 years. Maybe one day when the boys are bigger we will venture out.

  3. aww, I love this! I agree that bringing in the new year should be spent with loved ones, no matter what you're doing!