Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: Angry Birds Go! Pig Rock Raceway

Noah's an Angry Birds nut. The Hubs has him hooked. We have every version of the game on the iPad. We've enjoyed the Angry Birds Star Wars Telepod playsets. The latest in the Angry Birds family is Angry Birds Go!  The birds get mobile now!  In this game, the birds have go-karts to help them triumph over those pesky pigs.

Noah was over the moon when our friends at Hasbro Games sent us Angry Birds Go! Pig Rock Raceway to play with.  From a set up perspective, this was a pretty easy one to put together.  Noah probably could have done it himself but there are a few stickers that needed to be added so I took over the set up responsibility. I have a thing about the stickers being put on correctly. The kids played for hours with it.  It's still set up in Noah's room, weeks later.  Santa even brought him extra Angry Birds Go! carts for Christmas to use with this playset.  And what I love most about this set.....both kids can play at the same time! There's no fighting over who's turn it is or yelling over not sharing. Noah and Emmy loved seeing who's kart would cross the finish line first!

Angry Birds Go! Pig Rock Raceway allows you to race head to head in order to topple the pirate pigs. Obstacles and pirate pigs stand between your kart and the finish line! Then use the Telepod technology to teleport your favorite kart into the Angry Birds Go! app. Angry Birds Go! Pig Rock Raceway retails around $29.99.  It comes with 2 kart, one that is exclusive to this set. Make sure to download the app for your electronic device, grab your kart and GO!

Thanks Vanna!!!
All set up, ready to race
Hello Mr Piggy
They loved it!!!!
Thanks again to our friends at Hasbro Games for this opportunity! Noah just can't get enough of it!!!

Disclaimer: I was provided an Angry Birds Go! set in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% mine (and Noah's) and 100% honest. 


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