Monday, June 13, 2011

Who needs a movie? Let's go out!

Probably not my brightest idea.

The Hubs and I had a grown up night on Friday (well we actually had Date Night on Thursday and Friday but who's!!).  We met a group of our friends (the Hubs's coworkers) down at Ceviches for dinner and happy hour.  We had a great time filled with laughs and great company.  We were trying to kill time before our movie a few hours later when I got the bright idea to forget the movie and go out on the town.  We're not big going out people so this was a huge stretch but everyone in our group thought it was a great idea (note to all my friends....don't listen to any of my ideas after a few glasses of sangria!!!) So sadly, we did not see Bridesmaids but we had a great time hanging out with our friends.
Our faves

I kinda like this pic of us

My other hubby!!!

I can't believe I got all 4 of us in a self portrait...Although crazy eyes are in full force
Hope everyone has a great week!!!


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