Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok.....

~to be sitting in my sweatpants with my new Tory's on because I love them that much!

~to get said Tory's as an Anniversary gift 3 months late
~to love when the kiddos spend the weekend with their grandparents because it means a weekend alone for me and the Hubs
~that I saw my first 3D movie this weekend
~to be excited about being a contributing writer for Tampa Bay Moms Blog
~to get a little anxious when ordering food at a restaurant that doesn't have a specific gluten free menu
~that my friends are amazing!!!!
~that I might be a Dance Mom. I just can't get enough of Em dancing.  Plus she's pretty stellar at it!!!
~that I kinda like this guy.  A lot.


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