Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Letters

Last week was the first time I had ever joined in Friday's Letters and it was a really nice reminder of all the things I'm thankful for or thinking of.


Dear Right Kidney....while I know I should be drinking more water than I have been, I'm not exactly thrilled that you've decided to revolt against me only a few short weeks after my last stone.  I've made it my goal to figure out what you're made of and how to shut you down.  Consider that a promise, not a threat!!!!
Dear Hubs....Thank you so much for being so concerned about me.  The past few months have been a roller coaster for me in the health department and while I may not initially respond to your concern in a grateful manner (aka I usually think you're overreacting), it means the world to me that you care so much.  And while I'm on the subject of you, I had the best time last weekend!  I know our "grown ups" weekends don't happen too often but it was one of my favorites (even if you didn't take me to The Container Store). Oh and thanks again for my Tory's!!!
Dear Emmy....I'm so proud of you for being such a good dancer!  I am, by no means, a dancer.  But you are a natural and you're so beautiful when you're dancing.  You truly love to dance and I'm thrilled you've found something that you enjoy so much and look forward to.  I'm going to apologize now but I can't help being a Dance Mom.  Yep.  I'm sure I'll be just as crazy as those Dance Moms on TV.  But you really are the best in your class so it's totally okay if I go Dance Mom crazy!
My little Black Swan
Dear Noah....I'm in awe of how grown up you are all of a sudden.  You asked me not to call you Bubby anymore because you're 6 now but that will never happen.  Sorry.  It's just a fact.  You will always be my Bubby.  While you're trying my patience of a daily basis, I just can't help but feel overwhelmed by how awesome you are.  You're really going to do great things.

Dear Bloglovin.....I'm not really sure how to navigate you yet but I think I'm liking what I see.  It wasn't a painful transition so I'm looking forward to keeping up with my faves this new way.

Dear Readers....I am humbled on a daily basis that people actually read my little space of the internet.  I never imagined that this blog would go from a family update site to a place to capture my day to day life.  I've fallen in love with the blogging community and I've been given amazing opportunities because of it.  I've also been blessed to have made amazing friendships along the way.


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