Thursday, April 4, 2013

A family filled, balloon blowing, candy eating, swing breaking Easter

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Easter Sunday!  We had a pretty good one this year.  It started off a little rocky before church (I love this age that Noah's at right now.  The attitude is a-flying) but ended up being a great day.  I wasn't able to get matchy matchy Easter outfits for the kids again this year.  Children's Place has always been my go-to place because the boys and girls outfits always matched.  I just wasn't impressed this year so it was Target to the rescue.  I went a little more casual this year than years past.
Happy Easter from the Crimella kiddos.  Don't you just love it when one wants to take the picture and the other ruins it with a fake smile?!?!?
We headed to Mass and were expecting the entire family at our house at 11:30.  I've always hosted some form of Easter party, whether it be a breakfast or a lunch.  This year, I was kinda hoping that we wouldn't do anything.  I've just been so worn out lately.  But everyone started asking what time to be at the house for Easter so I decided to just throw something together really quickly.   The Hubs and I decided just to do an easy lunch since we wouldn't be getting out of Mass until about 11.  So we settled on a sandwich bar.  He ran to Publix Saturday night to pick up all the fixings.  I ended up dying eggs at 11:30pm because I forgot about them.  Noah was not thrilled when he woke up to find that I had done it without him. Oh well.....

I didn't get any pics before Mass....again it was a rough the picture taking started well after the party began.  We had plenty of food and everyone seemed to have a good time.  The kids got TONS of stuff.  The Easter Bunny stopped by our house but also stopped by all 3 sets of grandparents's houses.  Plus my brother's new girlfriend brought a little something for the kiddos.  They are truly spoiled, but very loved children.

The guys went out and hid eggs while everyone finished eating.  Then it was time to head out to find the eggs.  The kids always have a good time.
Our nephew loving the egg hung
My handsome man
I love this picture of Em
This is the point where things always end up interesting.  At one point, my dad and my brother in law were standing barefoot in the road on the manhole cover trying to see who could outlast each other.
The kids were swinging on the tree swing which led to the adults getting in on the action.  This ultimately led to the Hubs standing on the swing and the rope snapping.  He didn't get hurt at all and the swing got a stronger rope.  We were all HYSTERICAL at this point and my poor sweet nephew was the only one upset that he might be hurt.  It was beyond the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Of course, I got it on camera!!!!
This was never a good idea
Notice the broken swing in the bottom left corner
The new rope can hold a bit more weight this time
Oh I forgot....this year also included balloon animals.  My brother's girlfriend works at the Glazier Children's Museum as well as being a teacher.  My dad found out she can make balloon animals so he bought a bag of balloons to surprise her with.  Well he didn't buy a pump so the boys tried to blow them up by themselves.  Let me warn's next to impossible.  They all managed to figure out how to do it (after about 2 hours of trying) but it was a painful experience watching their heads turn purple and veins popping out everywhere.  And of course, the Hubs would be the first one to blow it up.
I also had an impromptu photo shoot with all the couples in the family.  I love this pic of me and my brothers with our significant others

I fell in love with this pic of me and the Hubs.  This definitely ranks high up on the favorite picture list!!!!

Hope all of you had an amazing holiday!  Are your family get togethers as nuts as mine?


  1. Looks like a great family fun day! Don't you just love days like this! And it's a great picture by the way!

  2. I'm a month behind on my blog reading obviously (shameful!), but I love this Easter post! Looks like such a great time. I also love that picture of Em during the egg hunt, too! Glad you all had such a great holiday!