Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some people just don't get it

We've all been there.  We've all been asked the questions and given the remarks.  Some people just don't understand the blogging community.  And don't say you're going to meet a blogger in real life.  Then you're setting yourself up for all sorts of crazy comments.

This is the story of my life.

I started this blog as a way to keep everyone up to date on our house buying journey and my pregnancy.  But it evolved into so much more.  It's a diary of sorts for me.  It's a place where I can go back and relive all the things that my family has experienced over the years.  It's a place that I'm proud of.

I've been afforded some amazing opportunities through blogging.  I've reviewed some products.  I've been able to run in a few more races than I would have planned to run.  I've met people I probably wouldn't have met before.  Some who have turned into amazing friends (and style consultants!!!)  I'm now embarking on my newest adventure as a contributing writer on a Tampa blog.

Yet I still get the looks and smart comments from the people I love the most.  I guess some people just don't get it.  The Hubs thinks its stupid but he knows it's important to me so he goes along for the ride.  He even calls me a bad blogger when I only have 1 post for the week (which is most weeks lately) which proves he actually reads it.  He might even been a follower.  My parents just don't get it at all.  I've learned to just not talk about it around them because it's easier that way. Which hurts in a way because I have such an exciting opportunity in front of me.  One that I'm proud to be a part of.  But when I get questions like "are you sure these people are real people" or "do you need to be packing when you meet them" or "what would you even write about that people will want to read", it kinda gets to you.  I was excited to tell my mom about it but then she just brushed it off like it wasn't anything worth talking about.  It hurts.  No matter how much I try not to let it.

But I'm not going to dwell on it.  The blogging community has been one I'm proud to be a part of.  I've made friends from all over the country, from all walks of life.  I know that I can ask Kate any question, no matter how crazy, about navigating the dance world.  I have tons of friends who I turn to for running advice.  I can send Becca pics of different outfits I'm choosing between for that best girlfriend advice or just vent all my issues to.  I've been blessed with amazing people, all because of the internet.  Yeah, it might sound a little weird, but you know what...I wouldn't trade it for the world.

So to all those people who don't understand, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry you can't see how great this community is.  I'm sorry you don't see how many things I'm experiencing because of it.  I'm sorry that you just don't get it.     Photobucket


  1. This is the reason I kept my blog to myself for a long time. I didn't want to hear any judgement from my family or friends, plus I wanted to be able to be as open and honest as possible, and that was easier without my family reading it. Recently I shared my blog with my fiance, and he was really supportive. Its true many people don't get it, but they don't have to read it.

  2. Blink twice if you need asistance....

  3. I get that also, but I think of all the great opportunities I was awarded. I have been able to meet people I would not have met otherwise. When you start telling people that you got to race for free, or get to go stand up paddle boarding with the manatees, thats when peole begin to get jealous. And I got to meet yoU!!!
    We sometimes need to remember we do this for "us"

  4. Wow...I really haven't had this except from strangers("Ohh your a blogger. Your one of THOSE..."). I could care less what strangers think. My Husband and my family actually brag that I am a blogger and get free stuff and have followers. Thanks for making me realize that I am lucky for that.

    I'm sorry that you don't receive more support from those that matter most. Hopefully someday they will realize that you are doing something amazing. If your Husband is reading the blog, then he probably already appreciates it. He just doesn't want to admit it. You know how Men are. :) *Hugs*

  5. Uh yea, I hear that my friend! It's a hobby like anything else! But its something that you can go back and recount and meet new people doing and have a small opportunity someday. Are any of us most likely the next big {blog} thing? Most likely not, but I don't care! I love it. I would have never met you for example :) But my family and a few friends are the same way, as well.

  6. That sucks. I'm sorry you don't have that real life support and people to share in your excitement. I'm sure it's hard to feel like you can't even talk about it. But hey, you know it works for you, and you have a whole community out here in Internet Land who love you and support you and totally get it. So blog on, my friend. :)