Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Okay

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.......

~to be extremely mad at my kidneys (and my body in general). I think it's revolting against me since I turned 30
~to have an amazing husband
~to love my kids, even when they're trying my last nerve
~to be nervous that Noah's bored with homework already.  He's in Kindergarten for crying out loud.  I broke the news to him that he has another 16 years of homework to deal with so he needs to figure it out now.
~to sneak Benadryl in my kid's Tylenol to get her to fall asleep
~to be ready to revamp my diet and life in order to feel better
~to pin like crazy on Pinterest and eventually get a few pins accomplished
~to love my life, no matter how crazy, painful, out of control it is!


  1. I always pin stuff i want to do... it's just getting it done I never seem to do.

  2. I love Pinterest! I am sorry about your kidneys. I have had several episodes of kidney stones and they suck! Hope you start to feel better!
    Happy Thursday :)

  3. Nate said the same thing about turning 30 - he thinks his body is going to sh*t now. haha! I hope not :-/ I rarely accomplish any of my pins. Oops. Thanks for linking up dollface! xoxo