Monday, February 27, 2012


Yep that's right!  I'm moonlighting today over at A Modern Day Wife's Journey!  Thanks to Lauren for asking me over!!!  I'm so excited about my first ever blog post. Which in turn makes me a little anxious.  Hello...we've met...of course I'm a little paranoid about this.  Hope you like it.

As for me, I'm home from work today thanks to the lovely plague that is still running rampant in my poor body.  I guess I was not one of the lucky ones who's antibiotics actually worked.  I'm going on 6 days of feeling horrible.  Geez...can't a girl catch a break? Plus I have a fairly busy social calendar this week.  I have to be better for dinner tomorrow and brunch on Sunday.

Go say hi to Lauren for me!!!



  1. So sorry you're still so sick! That's awful!

    Loved the guest post though - way to go with your weight loss and upcoming runs! :)

  2. I loved your guest post and seeing all your running pics! : ]


  3. You did an awesome job girl,was it really your first time guest posting? I would never know ;-) Hope you start to feel better soon!!