Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a weekend

Every time I think I'm starting to feel better, I'm back to square 1.  I will say that my throat doesn't hurt as badly anymore (if I have to find a positive in this whole situation).  I just hope the kiddos don't get too sick.  They both have the whole runny nose/cough thing going on.  I'm sure we'll end up doing albuterol for the both of them pretty soon....oh the joy of wheezing......

So between taking unexpected naps, wiping noses, and trying not to be complete sickies, we actually got some stuff accomplished yesterday.  I mentioned earlier that we've finally done something with our screened room.  We have carpet down and it's starting to look more like a room.  I have huge aspirations of it being more of a Florida room/bonus room so to speak, rather than a screened room.  I found cute patio furniture the other day so we went back yesterday to buy it and sold they had 2 in the morning and by 2pm they both had sold.  That is my luck to a tee.  So the nice Bed, Bath, and Beyond man checked a few stores for us and then ordered a brand new set for us since he couldn't find one in a box in the county.  As much as I wanted to be done with that aspect of the room this weekend, I'm ok with waiting for a brand new set and not a set that has been on display in a store for months.

Our elliptical was delivered and the Hubs and I (mainly the Hubs) built it without fighting with each other too much, which is HUGE for us.  I haven't been able to really enjoy it yet since I feel like garbage most of the time and when I tried it, I ended up feeling like a kid with asthma (and I don't have asthma).  But I am itching to get on it and really get to training.  I've got a short list of races that are on my radar:

April 1st: Be The One Run in Tampa (5K)
April 22nd: IronGirl Half Marathon in Clearwater
September 29th AM: CureSearch Walk in St Pete
September 29th PM: Tower of Terror 10 Miler at Disney

I'm excited that the Hubs wants to join me in the ToT 10 Miler.  He's not a runner but he's committed to getting into shape and is ready to train for something.  Now the only question I run with him or leave him in my dust?!?

Here's to a day of trying to get better (and doing tons of laundry)


  1. Your races sound like a blast - the Tower of Terror? So cool!

    1. Meghan! You should come!! We could share a room if Tim and your husband don't come!! I think Rachel and Lindsay are coming for would be so fun!

  2. Good luck on all your upcoming races,like I said so jealous that you have an elliptical at home :-)

  3. Oh thank you so much for posting that about you and your husband not arguing about something like that. Sometimes I feel like Tim and I bicker when we have to do something that requires teamwork and I always like to hear that others bicker about stuff like this too.

    And I'm so sad I can't do the Clearwater thing. I also can't do the one April 1st. I'm going to Anna Maria that weekend...but I'm excited to do the Tower of Terror! It's going to be so so fun! I'm signing up Friday at the Gasparilla expo!

  4. Haha! I am so glad that my hubs and I aren't the only one's who bicker while trying to build stuff! We just moved and that definitely tested our patience with each other :)
    Those races sound amazing! I can't wait to read which ones you choose to do :)