Monday, May 7, 2012

A Day with the Rays

Have I ever mentioned that I love baseball?  No.  Well I do.  Opening Day is my favorite day of the year (behind my birthday and Christmas).  There's nothing like spending the day at the ball park, watching cute boys in baseball pants play ball!  The Rays have become quite the team in the last few years and the Hubs and I are trying to instill our love of the game in our kiddos.  We have been planning to go see the Braves when they come to Tampa in a few weeks and on a whim, we bought tix for us to take the kids this past Sunday.  I was nervous because Em has never been to a game.  She doesn't have the greatest attention span so I had it in my mind that she was going to be a big pain in the rear.  All week she kept saying how much she didn't want to go (she was going to stay home with the dog and cat) but surprised us on Sunday when she woke up, raring to go.  We got the kids dressed and headed down to the Trop.

To say the kids did a good job would be a complete understatement.  They were AMAZING!  They sat in our seats really well, didn't whine too much, and had a good time.  The game started out great (we jumped to a 4-0 lead) but then it went downhill.  The game was dragging and by the 5th inning, Noah was ready to go home.  So we packed it up and headed home.  All in all, I love that we had a great time and that my kiddos loved it!  I can't wait to take them back to the Trop!!!
Heading up to the Trop
Yes she brought a purse
Love my little baseball lovers!!!
Me and the Hubs
She loves her Daddy
The loves of my life
Keeping themselves entertained...thank god for Androids
Rocking her Joe Maddon glasses and silly bands

And I just have to share a few sweet pics from Sunday night.  Emmy dressed up in her Rapunzel costume and wanted to dance with her Daddy.  I am so glad I caught a few pics of this special moment.
She was so happy!  She was twirling and everything!!!


  1. You all look adorable in your baseball gear!

  2. Oh my goodness your kids are adorable in their Rays gear! Love Emmy's dress so cute :-)

  3. I love that all four of you wore your Rays gear to the game! We usually go to 7-8 games/season but we haven't gone at all yet (so sad).

  4. How adorable is your little fam? I love the kids' baseball outfits!

  5. Em's little dress is killing me. I'll have to get Ellie one of those someday! Your kids are the sweetest!