Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's OK but.....

Its Ok Thursdays

I'm putting a little spin on this week's It's OK Thursday.  This week, all my It's Ok's are dreams of mine followed by a strong dose of reality. Hope y'all like it!!!

It's OK.......
~to aspire to be a SAHM who prepares the healthiest food, who participates in all the play groups, who has a spotless house, and who does amazing crafts with their kids but......know that I'd drive myself BANANAS if this was my life
~to make my own coffee at home because it's so much cheaper but.....realize that Starbucks will always make a better cup than me, regardless how much it costs
~to say I'm only going to read one more chapter before going to bed but....end up staying up and finishing the book before my head hits the pillow
~to say I'm only eating fro yo once a week but....end up eating it at least 3 times per week

I have a prayer request as well.  Heaven got a new Angel Tuesday night.  We lost one of the cutest little girls.  Please pray for her family as they learn to live without their sweet girl.  Please pray for the doctors and nurses who have cared for this little girl.  We work in a difficult profession where death is part of the game.  But it never makes it easier on us. Unfortunately deaths seem to come in 3's so please pray for all of us as we wait and see what the future holds for our patients.


  1. Thinking of you sweet friend and missing you. Lets get together soon. And sending prayers your way and the way of that poor, sweet family.

  2. I even buy the sbux coffee grinds and it still doesn't taste as good as when I order it at a sbux. What IS that about?! Sorry to hear about the little girl. I will keep her family in my thoughts and I hope you're doing okay :(

  3. heeeey! i like your blog! what a cute family :):)

    want to follow each other??


  4. I am the SAME WAY with coffee...

    And most definitely sending prayers to you and that family - hugs!