Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's OK!!!!!

I just love Thursdays for so many reasons!!!!  It's my clinic day at work (I run the Bone Marrow Transplant clinic on Thursdays).  It means there's one day left until the weekend.  And it's time to link up with Amber and Neely!!!!!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK........

~to cry a little when all of your son's artwork that has been hanging in his classroom comes home in his backpack (why is he going to Kindergarten next year?!?)
~to be jealous of the random people at Starbucks who can leave there without spending more than $3 on a cup of coffee
~to have expensive taste in coffee ;)
~to be totally stoked that I not only have a 3 day weekend but a 4 day weekend!!!1
~to be torn between 2 paint colors for our family room (and have them both painted in random spots on all the walls just to see the way they look in all sorts of light
~that I'm looking forward to finally making this house more of a home this weekend (it's about time too since we've been here for 3 years now and I haven't finished decorating it)

~that it took a lot for me to put myself out there with my blog post a few days ago
~to have gotten so much support after that post
~to be blessed with so many amazing people in my life all because of blogging
~to have such a renewed spirit and outlook on life and everything in it
~to really be happy with where I am and who I am at this very moment

I just love my life!!!!


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  1. I love Starbucks, too! I wish we had one close by, but then I'd be broke!