Friday, September 7, 2012

A Cause Dear to my Heart

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  This is one of the most important months for me.  Most of you know already that I'm a pediatric Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant nurse.  I'm the nurse that gets to take care of children who are fighting cancer and blood disorders and who are going through bone marrow transplants.  It's a rough job to have, believe me.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I've cried with families, with my coworkers, on my way home from work, and with the Hubs.  It is emotional work.  But it is the most rewarding work I've ever done.  I will never be able to say in words how much my patients mean to me.  Every day I am reminded how amazing my job is.  I wrote this last year:

I have held the hands of parents who have been told their child has cancer.  I have celebrated with patients for their last chemotherapy treatments.  I have cried with them when they find out their cancer is back.  I have held the bucket for sick kids as they go through preparation for their bone marrow transplants.  I have been there when they are told they are a Survivor.  I have been in the conference when the doctors tell parents there's nothing else we can do.  I have been at the bedside, holding a child's hand, as they take their last breath.  I have done all of this with the hope that one day we will find a cure for this horrible monster that is taking the most amazing people from this earth.

As I re-read the original post from 7/22/11, I can't help but tear up.  I have seen too many children face this horrible disease and lose.  I have seen too many parents have to bury their child.  I have seen cancer claim too many amazing people. It's time we do something.

On September 29th, I will be participating in the Tampa Bay Area CureSearch Walk.  The CureSearch Walk celebrates and honors children whose lives have been affected by children’s cancer, while raising funds for the lifesaving collaborative research conducted at more than 180 hospitals across the nation. These hospitals participate in National Cancer Institute sponsored clinical trials conducted by the Children's Oncology Group.  All Children's Hospital (where I work) is one of these hospitals.

In the last 40 years, collaborative research has increased the overall survival rate for children’s cancer from 10% to 78%. At CureSearch, our goal is 100%.  You can help us reach our goal of a 100% cure rate.  Please consider donating to this cause.  We never dream of hearing the words "Your child has cancer" but, unfortunately, it can happen to any of us.

I am participating again on our clinic's team, HOTTIES of the OCC.  My personal page can be found here.  You can donate through my page or make a general donation to CureSearch.  And if you're not interested in donating to our walk, please consider donating to your local CureSearch fundraisers, local children's hospital, or local Ronald McDonald House.   

I know I ask for a lot of prayers for my patients, their families, and my coworkers.  I sincerely appreciate each and every prayer said in their memory.  It is my prayer that one day we find a cure for this horrible disease.  I pray that one day our children can be just that....children.


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  1. Ok again I am putting on my dunce hat. I didn't realize you were this kind of nurse. This is exactly the kind of nurse I want to be. Well I'm only in my 2nd semester of nursing school, and we just start our clinicals in a few weeks, but I'm pretty sure this is where I want to go. Any advice on how to better my chances of getting a job in this field once I get out of school? And btw thank you for caring and loving these patients with all you have. If you DIDN'T cry I would be concerned. I would love to hear more stories about your job as well, I bet you have tons.