Monday, October 8, 2012

Football Widow

I'm sure I'm not the only girl who loses their husband to football in the fall.  Some lose their husbands to the NFL. I lose mine to the University of Florida.  Every Saturday.  Well let's be honest.  I lose him to NCAA football in general but mostly to the Gators.  It's been like this for as long as I've known him.  In his defense, he did warn me of this when we met.  He told me, and I quote, "You will always be my #1, until Saturdays in the Fall."  At that moment, I was caught up in wide eyed love for this man.  Never did I imagine he was being truthful.

Now fast forward 8 years and 2 kids later.  I'm constantly battling with the Hubs on this.  It's hard to be around someone who gets so personally vested in a football game. Like the outcome truly affects his life.  It's quite obnoxious actually.  I have to keep reminding him that there are 2 little people who depend on him, no matter what day it is, no matter what the Gators's schedule is. I know it's a hard one for him to deal with because this is his life.  He lives for Florida sports, especially football.  It's something that he and his dad have bonded over.  It's what they do.  I'm just waiting for that moment when he truly realizes that what he has right in front of him trumps whatever goes down in the Swamp.

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm a big football girl too.  I love my USF Bulls and I'm a proud Alumni.  I might have been known to get really into a game or two.  And I may hold some grudges based on outcomes of said games.  However, my life does not revolve around the Bulls.  I just don't get it sometimes.  And it can cause some serious frustration on my end.  So until that "a ha" moment happens for him, I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm a single mom of 2 on Saturdays for a few more months.

So who wants to hang out with me?!?



  1. Dont worry I know your all there. Occasionally you bring me food! And this week you weren't home, and netiher kid starved!

  2. This Saturday must have been great then with that big win! Im a huge football fan and get personally invested too, so I hope our children don't become orphans during games. Hopefully someone will toss then a snack. :)

  3. I know what you mean, although this season is awesome bc instead of staying home for the UF games and having to find something to do while hubs screams at the TV we can travel to Gainesville TOGETHER to watch them live :-)

  4. I say if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Why not make Saturday football games a family event? I know that your kids are little right now, but you can still dress them up & bring them in the living room while ya'll watch the games & then as they get older it'll be something they can bond with your husband, just like he is bonded with his dad. Just a thought. I'm right there with you, I'm football widow and it's not just for Alabama (our team) it's for all football games. But I console myself with knowing that it's only for a few months & it could be worse, it could be baseball which seems to have a season that NEVER ends!! :D

  5. I count my blessings that I'm not a sports widow but I am a Call of Duty widow. Ugh. It's so stinkin' frustrating. I'm waiting for him to have that a ha! moment too. Definitely don't see it happening for a while... lol