Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's OK

I can't believe I haven't linked up in a while.  This is truly one of my favorite link ups!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK......
~that I got a lot little excited when I saw Target had Christmas decorations out already.  Bring it on!!!
~to be torn between Shutterfly and Erin Condren for this year's Christmas cards
~to be disappointed that the Bulls aren't doing too well this year while being very proud of them for not looking like complete idiots against FSU last week
~to be disappointed in myself for falling so off track with my weight loss
~to be inspired by all the amazing runners out in the blog world.  I'm ready to get back to running
~to be in love with B12 (more on this later)
~to finally give in to being sick.  I fight it and fight it all the time.  I finally had to realize that it's okay to take a few days to lay in bed and get better.
~to put myself first sometimes
~to love entertaining friends and family
~to be one of the lucky people who absolutely, 100% love my job.  I know this is a rare thing and I'm truly blessed to have found what I am called to do


  1. So glad we held our own last week at the FSU game :-)

  2. i want to be in love with B12. i think? :)

    great post!
    new follower :)
    hope you'll follow back!


  3. Christmas decorations already?! Oh no, no, no. I love Target, and I love Christmas, but I pitch a fit at any store who thinks Christmas decorations are appropriate A MONTH BEFORE HALLOWEEN. Bah!

    I might have to look into Erin Condren for Christmas cards! I hadn't thought of that! (And FYI I did just laugh at myself for yelling about Christmas already and then thinking about Christmas cards in the next sentence.)