Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Tale of 2 Dresses

It has been wedding week for us.  We had a wedding last Saturday and another one today.  Both were absolutely amazing, with stunning brides and lots of love.  I'll post on each of them (I promise I'll get back to actually blogging one of these days) but I had to share how I took one dress and turned it into 2 different looks.

This is the Hubs and I from last weekend's wedding.  Please excuse his outfit.  This is what he calls "Wedding Game Day Attire."  More on this in a post to follow:
I absolutely love this dress.  It's a champagne lace dress from Loft.  I loved it online and loved it even more in person.  Plus it can be dressed up or dressed down.  I found a perfect belt (also from the Loft) and the perfect pair of shoes from Dillards.  Even the salesperson said I could not have found a more perfect pair of shoes for the outfit.  And this coming from a male salesperson.  Pinterested the hair and the rest is history.  I really loved this look (not the Hubs's though).

Today, the Hubs's step brother married the love of his life in a beautiful outdoor ceremony with a reception under the stars.  Noah was the ring bearer (I'm a proud Mama).  I wanted to be comfortable and cute while being casual but not too casual.  This is what I came up with:
Same dress.  Just switched up the accessories.  I added a brown belt, my cowboy boots, and some curls in the hair.  I felt cute, comfortable and absolutely appropriate for a country wedding.  It was a gorgeous day/night, at a beautiful venue with 2 people we love so much.  Can't wait to tell you all about it!!!Photobucket


  1. Very cute!! Like it both ways. Versatile clothes are the best, lol.

  2. OKay, A) "wedding game day attire"?! I'm going to need more info on this! B)I saw the second wedding pic online and loved it! Love that you could change it up, too. Pretty girl :)

  3. Love this dress and its versatility! You rocked it both ways, lady. :)

  4. You DO look incredible in that dress. :)

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