Friday, June 26, 2009

Another day spent at Morton Plant

Oh yeah...6 hours at the OB Assessment center. We went to the office for my routine NST and Emmy, as usual and expected, wasn't reactive on the strip. Usually this is not a big deal since she's still really young but today I had a significant increase of uterine activity so they wanted me monitored a little more. So we headed to Morton Plant, got set up in the same room as last time and had the same nurse around 1245. My hemoglobin hadn't changed (10.9) and we did another Kleihauer-Betke test (the one that counts the fetal cells mixed with mine). Emmy looked great on ultrasound. I had them double check that she was still a girl....and she definately was. MP's ultrasound machine is really good and we got a great look at her face. I think she's going to have Noah's nose and cheeks. After a slight delay by blood bank (aka 2.5 hour delay) they started counting the cells and found 1 in about 200,000. So that wasn't too bad. Emmy looked ok on the strip. She had one variable (dip in heart rate) but only that one so I was able to go 7pm. So my day consisted of being put on the monitor at the office at 1045 and coming off of it at 645. Gotta love it. I go back on Monday for another NST, ultrasound and office visit (with Dr Young, who sent me to MP today). We'll see what happens.

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