Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little extra

So yesterday's appointment was really good. I'm still not dilated, my fetal fibrinectin was negative, and I finally had no blood in my urine. So things are looking pretty good. Still contracting but since I'm not dilated, its not a worry yet. The baby still isn't reactive on the NST but she's still a little young to have a great strip. So the verdict.....I can add some activity to my day. I'm not on strict, strict bedrest anymore. I can't over-do it but I can try to do a little more each day. No work though. I think they want to see if I can actually tolerate increased activity. We'll see if bleeding starts again, if contractions intensify, and if I have any cervical changes. I think its a great idea...see what I can and cannot tolerate. We'll get a better idea of how to handle the next few weeks. We're still aiming for 32 weeks and then making a new plan for the next few weeks.

So I'm excited to go to Shandie's baby shower tomorrow. I left so abruptly from work so it will be nice to see all the girls.

However, I'm miserable right now. Horrible back pain, more contractions and more intense ones at that, and generally uncomfortable, but no bleeding (definately a good thing). I sat on the floor for Noah's speech session yesterday...bad idea. I made my own lunch today (exciting feat....haven't done that in 2 weeks), took a shower, and went with Mom and Noah to get Noah's haircut. So needless to say, I'm uncomfortable and miserable. It will be interesting to see what happens on Friday at my appointment. I think I'm going to tell them that I feel a lot better being on bedrest. I'm not supposed to see a doctor but we might end up having the doctor in the clinic peek her head in to talk things over. Who knows. If anything, I'm having another ultrasound and visit on Monday so we'll definately know then if these contractions are doing any damage yet.

Oh and the Rays are up 7-1 on the Phillies!!! My boy Jason Bartlett had a big hit, scored 2 on it, and then ended up getting a run on a fabulous Gabe Gross liner down the first base line.


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