Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In it til the end

So I'm pretty much pregnant until 39 weeks unless something changes. I'm still not dilated so we're planning on an induction. Dr Fosnot says there's a very slim chance that I'll end up with a C-Section (very excited about that). Now if I come in with a horrible abruption again, then we're looking at a section. Emmy's still not reactive on the NST. She has moments of reaction but not a great amount. Last week, we had 2 ultrasounds without 30 seconds of breathing but Monday's ultrasound we caught some good breathing. The report from the high risk guy came in. He made it sound like I definately had an abruption (which he told me I didn't have). We did learn that Emmy's weight is in the 77th percentile. We'll do another growth scan in 2 weeks. If she's greater than 90th percentile, she'll be considered large for gestational age. I think we'll then talk about delivering her. Other than that, we're still doing biweekly monitoring and bedrest. I'm going to discuss coming off bedrest in a few weeks. There is no way I'm staying on bedrest until 39 weeks. I'm pretty uncomfortable and I'm definitely over being on bedrest.

Off of baby news. Noah is doing great with his speach therapy. He's talking more and more. Every day he has a new word or two. I think its finally coming together. And he's so cute when he talks. Sometimes he sounds like he has a southern accent. I can't figure out what his voice will sound like.

Well thats it for now. Time to finish watching the All Star game.

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