Sunday, July 26, 2009

The random things I find

Update on me.....still cramping/contracting with horrible pain but not in labor yet.

Since I've have had a little time on my hands, google has been my friend. I google everything....signs of labor, ways to stop backache, ways to survive bedrest. Yahoo discussion boards have the funniest conversations. I love when they pop up in my search results. However, last night I came across something disturbing. There are multiple websites that teach women how to check themselves for cervical dilation. I couldn't believe this. And the best part is women commented on their experiences. Who does something like that???

Anyways...thats it. Keep your fingers crossed that Emmy either decides she wants to stay inside for a little while longer (so the contractions will stop) or that she decides to just get it over with and make her entrance. I can't take her being stubborn right now

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