Monday, July 6, 2009

Sticking to the same old plan

So my high risk appointment went as follows: We showed up and the US tech brought us in and asked me why I was having an ultrasound with them because none of my other US have shown the abruption (which all of my docs have been completly aware of). So she's scanning me, telling me that she doesn't see the abruption (go figure) and she's starting to go through all the organ systems, etc. She double checks again that Emmy is still a girl (we have a very conclusive picture proving her girlness). Then the doctor comes in. He shakes my hand, shakes John's hand, and proceeds to walk to the other side of the room. He asks me why they even sent me to see him since there was no clinical proof that I had an abruption. The fetal cells mixed in with my blood cells were probably left over from Noah's pregnancy (yeah right....2.5 years and 3 RhoGam shots later, I still have his cells with mine...don't think so). So he tells me he thinks they are treating me for something that I don't have, that they are over-reacting and that he doesn't understand why they are even discussing a delivery plan for me. I had tried to explain to him everything thats been going on, how I'm having contractions and a lot of uterine activity, and he proceeds to tell me that I'm not in preterm labor, I'm fine, the baby's fine, there's nothing wrong with me. And he knew all of this by shaking my hand. He never once examined me or put me on a NST monitor, nothing. So needless to say, I left his office more upset than I have ever been.

We did, however, learn that Emmy weighed 4lbs 14oz before she turned 32 weeks. Her head circumference measured over 34 weeks and her femur length measured over 32 weeks. So she's going to be a big baby.

So fast forward to today. I go to my normal 2 hour visit at the doctors. I have my US and Emmy looks great but she decided that she wasn't in the mood to breathe too much. So she didn't score her perfect 10 like she usually does. I go on the monitor, which I was only on for 35 minutes since she cooperated and was reactive. I was having contractions but what else is new. We go into the exam room, have the most ridiculous nurse who I'm pretty sure doesn't really know what she's doing, and Dr Young came in and told me we're sticking to our normal plan....bedrest, twice a week monitoring, etc. She informed me that Dr Prieto only sent the US report, not his official consult report. The jackass probably wont' send it either since he made it very clear he didn't know why I was sent to him. I proceeded to tell her that I would never recommend him to anyone, I had the worst experience with him, that he pretty much told me that they (my OBs) didn't know what they were doing and treating me for something I didn't have, I pretty much let it all out. Dr Young seemed shocked and was very apologetic. She reassured me that with my positive blood tests, 2 episodes of bleeding, and all the uterine activity I've been having, that we still need to continue being vigilent. She did mention that we could think about inducing me around 39 weeks if we got there. She did order another US for Friday to see if Emmy wanted to breathe for us. I don't really know what will happen if she doesn't breathe on this one.

I'm excited for my next few appointments. I scheduled them with Dr Fosnot (my favorite one!!!) She takes the time to really sit and explain things and answer questions. She'll be able to give me a better idea as to where we go from here. So I see her 3 weeks out of the next 4.

We built Emmy's crib tonight and we're finishing decorating tomorrow. One step closer.

On to a random mail man is a lazy bum. He refuses to deliver my mail if there is a car parked in the street. On multiple occasions he has not delivered my mail and written "mailbox blocked" on the mail. Well today, Mom was parked in the street (like most cars in our neighborhood) but she purposely left him enough room to deliver my mail. We watched as he drove past my mailbox without attempting to pick up the mail that we had in the box. And then we watched as he drove away. I was almost about to call the Post Office and then he drove back, was able to actually deliver our mail and take what needed to go to the Post Office but the bum wouldn't put down the flag. One day he told John that he won't "dismount" in order to deliver the mail if there is a car in "the way". John's dad (who is a retired mail carrier) said that is the official rule but he pretty much said we must have a jerk of a carrier and that he's lazy. I mean really....they drive in a car all day long. Is it that hard to deliver my freaking mail??? John's dad used to park and walk to deliver his route. And this guy won't even attempt to drive to my mailbox. Whatever. I've got my eye on him now.

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