Sunday, March 27, 2011

A couple changes

I've been bored at home while the Hubs was watching Swamp Men (or Swamp People)....its a ridiculous  show.  So I found myself trying to learn more about blog design.  I've been jealous of everyone's cute banners and signatures and since Google is my best friend, I started teaching myself blog design 101.  It's nothing fancy (yet) but I kinda like it!  I hope you do too!  Oh and I changed the font back to normal since the Hubs said he couldn't read the blog with the other font.

I can't wait to share my attempt at making cake pops.  I think Bakerella will be very disappointed in me :(

It's back to work for me after having almost a week and a half off (not by choice, because of sick kiddos and a sick Mommy).  I hope I know what to do......

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