Friday, March 25, 2011

So here's a recap (and a lot of pictures).....

I have been de-railed by all the sickness (or the plague as the hubster calls it) that I didn't get to update on all the fun stuff that we've done.  We had a weekend full of parades, carnival rides, and fair foods. 

The City of Seminole has a Pow Wow every year.  It's kinda a big deal.  We are very fortunate to live across the street from the Rec, where everything exciting happens.  All we have to do is walk to the end of our street.  I've always worked during the Pow Wow so I was really excited to be home for it this year.  I just LOVE fairs!!!  First we met up with Grandma and PaPa (my parents) for the parade.  The kids had a blast and it looked like they went to Mardi Gras when it was over.  We also had enough candy to last us a lifetime.  Then it was lunch time/naptime and then it was off to the carnival.  Noah loved riding all the rides and we even met up with our good friends and their kiddos. Cue a ton a pics ;)

Em's very excited about the parade

Photography by Noah

Eating lunch with all of his parade beads

Riding his first ride of the day

She just loved watching him ride the rides

Em got in the action too

Riding the teacups with Daddy

Motorcycle rides with his best buddy

I've never seen a teacup spin so fast

Watching their big brothers on the rides
 We went to dinner with our friends, had a great time, made it home in time to watch the amazing fireworks from the driveway, and even made a special trip back for a nighttime ferris wheel ride.  All in all, best Pow Wow ever!!!

The next day, I had the opportunity to head to the Strawberry Festival with a few friends to see Lady Antebellum.  I have never truly experience the Strawberry Festival before and I was really excited to be able to ride the "grown up" rides.  It was a blast.  Between Nicole and I's love for fast, crazy rides and Mikey/Tori's hatred of them, it made for a day full of laughs.  We tried fried oreos (very good BTW) and Tori even tried a fried snickers bar.  Only thing we didn't eat was strawberries....epic fail, I know.  Then it was time for Lady A.  They were absolutely amazing!!!  They put on a great show, sang all of their great songs, and even had the evil woman sitting next to me singing and dancing.  Despite the seating dilemma, it was a great night and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to have some Mommy time!!! (Thanks John and Nicole/Tori!!!  I needed a girls day!!!)

Tori and Mikey waiting for Nicole and I to ride the rides

Nicole and Tori before Lady A

I just love these girls (and I don't know why I have crazy eyes)
 A great weekend spent with great people!  I can't wait to have my weekends free so I can begin to start living again. 

Oh and if you've made it down this far, I guess I'll drop the bomb.  I am starting a new job on the 11th.  I am transitioning to our Hem/Onc outpatient clinic.  I will still work for All Children's but I won't be working in the hospital anymore (I'll be across the street).  I'll be working 4 days a week (10 hr shifts) with no weekends or holidays.  I'm having mixed feelings about the move for many reasons: I don't like change at all, this will be a whole new way of functioning, I don't really know the clinic girls, I don't want to leave all the wonderful people I work with now, but I really think the schedule will be good for my kids and especially my marriage.  I've missed so much because of having to work weekends and holidays.  It's going to be very nice not having to miss out on events, gatherings, and just hanging out with my family. 

So here's to new beginnings and great times with great friends!!!


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