Monday, April 18, 2011

My Style Monday

My Style Monday

I'm so excited to be able to be a part of Lindsey's My Style Monday!!!  Although I was really bad at taking pictures, especially when I feel like I actually looked stylish when I wasn't wearing scrubs or sweatpants (yes I wear sweatpants...on a regular basis...but never out in public!!!). So instead of having 4-5 really cute outfits, you get a whopping 2!

Dress, shoes, and hair accessory all from New York & Company
Please excuse my tired face.  I took this before work this morning. 

Most of my clothes are either from New York & Company, Ann Taylor Loft, or Target.  So don't be surprised (or disappointed) if all you see is me in only those 3 brands and probably outfitted in one brand from head to toe.

This one is for Rachel at Running Backwards in High Heels.  Emmy has her own pink cowgirl boots that she wears all the time.  This is probably my favorite picture of her in the boots and I can't get enough of the face she's making:

Shirt: Target (it used to be a dress), Jeggings: Children's Place, Boots: Target

Hope everyone has a great week!!!  I promise to be better next week with my pictures.  Now it's back to watching TV in the most comfy sweatpants ever.....
Go Rays!!!  My boys are finally starting to play great baseball!!!


  1. I LOVE your dress - I think I looked at that one? :)

    And I love that little face - so cute!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Haha- the pink cowboy boots!! Love it! Thanks for the shout out!