Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is the reason the Hubs might divorce me........

I only have one job around the house (yes I was blessed with a good husband who does almost everything around the house). My job is laundry.  The 4 of us can sure create a ton of laundry on a daily basis. 

I'm really good at doing it.

Just REALLY bad at folding it. 

Case in point.

This is almost 3 weeks worth of laundry in the garage that the laundry fairy hasn't folded yet.  I guess I'm a bad wifey because we've been digging through these piles every day for weeks now. 

Any suggestions on how to make this task more enjoyable???


  1. Hmmm you could always reward yourself wtih a new new top or something once you complete it? :-)

  2. Wow I have the same problem! LOL I agree with Lauren that rewards are always motivating! love your blog and am now following :)

  3. I hate doing it, too. I leave ours in the dryer. UGH!! What I have been doing is just doing it when it's done. The longer it sits, the less I want to do it. Fold it right away, don't put it in a basket.