Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Madness

Did you shop Black Friday?  I live for this day.  I have memories of when Black Friday actually happened on Friday.  My mom and I would be standing outside the stores, in the cold (FL cold) hitting up all the deals at like 4 am.  I distinctly remember one day that we were at WalMart and they had all the "deals" in the middle of the aisles wrapped in brown butcher paper.  Then they made an announcement and the sales associates tore open the paper and ran.  It was a free for all and you hoped you were close to where you wanted to be.  Mom picked the right place because we were right in front of the DVD players we were searching for.  However she got pushed to the front and ended up throwing boxes over her head to everyone that was reaching.  It was probably one of my most fondest Black Friday memories.  Then when I started working retail, I'd go Black Friday shopping in Leesburg (2 hours away) then hop in the car and drive to work where I'd close the store.  It really is a great day for me.

Well the Hubs has a different opinion.  He thought it was crazy that I went to Bealls at midnight last year and then to the mall at 3am to get the most amazing pair of boots.  He'd rather forget about the savings and go shopping when it's not crazy or just buy online.  And this year, I kinda felt the same way.  I wasn't in the mood to shop, or deal with crazy people, or start Black Friday on Thanksgiving (which is a crime people).  But I did log on to Toys R Us to take advantage of their BF deals.  I ended up getting about 90% of Em's Santa shopping done. Pretty proud of that I must say.  Then I went to Target's website since it had the bike we're getting Em on sale with the best price I'd seen.  Well once I figured out that there was over $20 in shipping and the bike was in stock at every Target around my house, I couldn't pull the trigger. That shipping cost would pay for her helmet.  So I took the plunge.  Got dressed and headed to Target to get my Black Friday 11pm!

The parking lot wasn't too bad since the store had been open for over 2 hours.  I was shocked when I saw tons of TVs still waiting to be loaded into carts.  I even contemplated buying one.  We're sorta in the market for one since we only have 2 TVs....the one in the living room and one in Noah's room.  I've caved and agreed to put one in the bedroom.  Well I didn't leave with a TV but I did leave with the last princess bike the store had.  I can't wait for Emmy to open it!  She's going to flip!
Then, of course, I just wandered and bought more stuff.  PJs for the kids, Legos for Noah, a bike pump so we can actually pump up Noah's bike tires, the stroller tires, and the tires of Em's soon to be bike.  Yes, we did not have a bike pump until now.  Losers.  We know.  Scored a $4 copy of Princess Bride for the Hubs.  Oh and coffee.  I bought more coffee.  Just what everyone needs to be buying at 1130 at night.
Does it look like I need more coffee?!?
Then I did convince the Hubs that I "needed" to go to Bath and Body Works to buy more candles (which I did need).  I sweetened the deal with lunch at Lee Roy Selmon's so he was happy. Until he had to wait, with the kids, for over 20 minutes because I was stuck in the checkout line.  It was worth it because you could stack coupons, which doesn't happen on a regular basis.  I spent $70.05 and saved $179.58.  I'd say that was worth it!!!

Hope everyone had a great day filled with deals and memories!  Now it's off to finish up my decorating before the Florida/Florida State game comes on and the Hubs gets body snatched and I get the angry, loud, obnoxious version.



  1. I had my first "Black Friday" experience on Thursday evening 8pm at the Super Walmart where we were staying. It was a blast and everyone was actually pretty nice although a little crazy grabbing for the deals but I ended up with Something Borrowed for less than $2, a Hunger Games 2 part dvd for $9 and hubs got a nerf gun and remote control helicopter (boys lol) for $10 each it was a blast although I didn't find any gifts :-(

  2. Ohh how I love shopping :) Adorable blog, following now!

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  3. I also stocked up on candles and $5 Wallflowers at Bath and Body Works, and got one of those VIP bags. Thankfully I had two coupons to shave $20 off my total bill. It's just such a fun store that it's easy to get carried away!

  4. Sounds like a successful shopping day! I steer clear of Black Friday, generally. Cyber Monday is more my style. :)