Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I didn't plan on this one

I had every intention of linking up with Renee and Ana today for their monthly nursing link up but I feel compelled to write about today.  Don't worry....I'll link up with them tomorrow!  But today is a monumental one that cannot come and go like any other day.

Today is Election Day.  The day where we can exercise our most fundamental right, the right to vote.

Now I have to preface this first.  I am, by no means, political at all.  To be honest with you, I really could care less about it (that sounds horrible, doesn't it?) I'm not one to get involved in political discussion.  I can't even tell you who my congressmen are.  You're lucky I know who is blue and who is red.  But I strongly believe in the importance of voting.

I'm proud to say that I got in and out of my precinct in less than 15 minutes.  I am one of the few (million) people who get a thrill out of voting on Election Day.  I contemplated early voting but honestly, I'm too lazy to do that.  Absentee ballot???  I procrastinate too much for that.  I was going to be an over achiever and get there when the polls opened at 7am but I didn't want to be late for work.  So I prayed all day that I wouldn't be stuck in a 3 hr line this afternoon.  Well let me tell you....I was pleasantly surprise how smooth it went.  The cute little old ladies of the church that houses my precinct were out in full force with cookies, pastries, coffee, and water for all the voters.  I walked right in, got checked in, and found my voting booth for this election.  I will say that it took me longer to actually vote than it did to get checked in because we had 11 stinkin Amendments to vote on.  11!!!!  That's a heck of a lot of crazy worded things to vote on, and I even read up on them.

Here's where I get on my soapbox:  Why are items on ballots so difficult to understand?  We are all encouraged to vote on things that truly affect our lives but most of us cannot understand the wording.  I pride myself on being a college educated professional who is fairly smart (I'm a nerd) and I have a very hard time deciphering what the item is actually proposing.  How should we expect people who aren't as educated to understand? Most healthcare documents have to be written at a 5th grade reading level.  How do we expect people to truly understand what they're saying yes or no to when a college educated person is confused?  I mean, come on people!  Can't we make this an easy process for all?!?!?

OK off my soapbox.......

But what I love most about Election Night is the political coverage.  First off, the technology that CNN has is unbelievable.  I just love their virtual Senate room!  Second, I love me some Anderson Cooper!  I don't care if he doesn't like me.  I just love him!!!  OK those might be silly reasons I love the coverage (not false though).  I just love sitting on the couch, watching with the Hubs.  He's a closet political guy.  He's not one to strike up a political debate but he is very passionate about his beliefs and even has some political aspirations. (Wouldn't I make a fabulous First Lady?!?)  It's just a fun night listening to his commentary on what the analysts are saying and what the polls are showing.  He truly makes this night more tolerable for me and it kinda makes me feel a little more American (is that weird?)  Plus I honestly learn a little.  I'm still a little confused by the whole political process.  It's just a fun time for me!

I do feel like it's going to be a very late night and a trip to Starbucks in the morning will be in order!
My Election Night company ;)
Enjoy the night!!!  I pray for whoever will be named President tonight.  That they have the strength and courage to lead this nation!


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  1. So glad you enjoyed the day so much! I know what you mean about not being political and all that - I never used to be but eventually got into the whole political thing thanks to Eric. Sometimes, frankly, I wish I still didn't care because I hate how heated things get and when you feel invested it's hard to tune it out. But, hey, it's over now for another four years! :)

    And yes, you would be an excellent First Lady!