Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Conference Style

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things after my nice vacay from life to focus on my nursing career.  I'll post more about what I learned later (which with my current track record could be next year).  But first, I figured I'd show a little FAPTP fashion.

Disclaimer: I have not been able to master the art of the cell phone outfit picture.

I actually had to go shopping in order to have clothes for the conference.  I went from always having a professional outfit to only having dresses, jeans, and scrubs in my closet.  It was fun, don't get me wrong.  But it was almost exhausting.  I had the amazing assistance of my former manager (I was an assistant manager at New York & Company) so it was nice to be working with her again.  But I felt a little rushed (the Hubs and kiddos were with me) and when I got home, I realized that I didn't like half of what I bought and that I actually needed to get a smaller size in something.  So I headed back to the mall the next day, by myself, and exchanged everything I needed to.  I was much happier with the second shopping trip than the first.  But I still don't know how to take a stinkin outfit picture without looking like a moron. So I apologize for the following:

Day 1: Hot pink, black, and gray....winning color combo in my book
Not too bad for being in a car for 2 hours prior to this pic
I feel like this was a good hair day
Day 2: Classic Jessica
Black sweater, black and white top, black pants....typical me outfit
So bummed about the GIGANTIC flash because this had the potential to be a stellar picture
Black and White....my "go to" styling.  Just ask the Hubs
Day 3: This was my more risky day.  I was super tired and not looking forward to driving home after the conference so I tried to be a little cute and sassier than the rest of the days.  So it was an orange dress, brown argyle tights, with my boots
Can anyone give me lessons on how to take pictures?!?!?!  I look RIDICULOUS
Obligatory bathroom shot
I feel like I was pretty cute for the conference and really felt comfortable in my own skin (and clothes), which I guess is a huge win for me.  What was more exciting was coming home to find Em in a dress, tights, and boots.  She's my mini me, through and through.
Two peas in a pod
I missed my lil girl and she missed her Momma
So really....help a sister out.  How can I take those cute mirror pictures that I see everyone else do?  I want to be cute too!!!


  1. I think your pics are adorable! I love the outfit choices!

    As for mirror pics, I am AWFUL at them. Just awful. I don't even know how to show my face.

  2. You are so stinking cute! :) Great outfit choices!

    That picture of you and Em's matching boots is adorable!

    FYI, I'm in Orlando in 64 days! Are we doing dinner or lunch??

  3. I don't have any advice about mirror pics, but I did love your outfits & I really like that picture of you & Em. That would be great in a frame :)

  4. You look great! Love those argyle tights and the pics of you and Em all matchy are too cute for words.