Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blonde moment of the day

Being a nurse makes you a little crazy about washing your hands.  I have hand sanitizer attached to everything....purses, keys, backpacks, strollers, diaper bags....you get the picture.  I'm washing my hands a million times a day with either soap and water or the hand sanitizer outside of every room while I'm at work and it's the same at home.  My ring has taken a beating because of it.  It's not the biggest of rings (but it is absolutely perfect for me) but I get disappointed when the sparkle disappears after days in a row at work.  I've scoured the internet trying to find a good way to clean my rings that doesn't involve a trip to the jewelers.  Low and behold, I found my solution, thanks to Michelle, aka The Real Life Mom.  I tried both of her suggestions and prefer the woolite way better (again just my opinion....my rings came out sparkly-er)

About every week or two, I get my supplies out and get my ring back to sparkling condition.  However, today, I did not get the result I anticipated.  Note to self (and anyone who might try this)...plastic solo cups CANNOT withstand 2 minutes in the microwave.......
The cup on the left was what I ended up with.  I put it next to a non-melted cup for effect...this makes me a dumb dumb!
I don't know why I had a HUGE brain fart but I did.  I guess I can blame it on my blonde hair, right?!?  Only good thing that came out of this is my microwave smells Snuggle fresh now ;)

I am fortunate enough to know Michelle before she was The Real Life Mom.  She was the Real Life Graduate Nurse/Registered Nurse/Newlywed when I worked with her way back when.  We were pregnant together (via Facebook) with our girls.  Her lil lady is a week younger than Em so I was lucky enough to have fellow pregger to talk to who understood what I was going through/feeling at any given moment.  Her blog is absolutely amazing and she was my inspiration for starting my blog back up.  I do blame her for my blog obsession because I have been completely/totally sucked in to the Blogging World.  I'm so proud of you Michelle!!!  Your blog is phenomenal and you are such an inspiration!!!!  Check her out at The Real Life Mom!!!!

Let's see if I can get through the rest of the day without melting anything else.....it is my night to cook ;)


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