Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You saved our lives. We are eternally grateful

I just love the little green aliens from Toy Story. 

Noah has been obsessed with the Toy Story movies since we took him to see Toy Story 3 when it was in the theater.  We have anything and everything Toy Story.  So it was only fitting that his 4th birthday party be a Toy Story themed one.  I'm also on a big cupcake kick so I decided to take on the task of baking cupcakes instead of our usual Publix cake.  But the question is, how do I top the monkey cupcakes????

Answer.....green alien cupcakes!!! 

Thanks to my favorite research tool (google) I found the best recipe.  Easy to make and oh so fun to look at!!!!

I'm also obsessed with buttercream frosting from Publix.  I've been using this amazingly delicious frosting ever since I laid eyes on the container of it at the bakery. Who would have thought that you could buy the same frosting they ice their cakes with?!?!  So task number 1, the perfect shade of alien green.
Note to self...don't take a pic of green icing in a green bowl with bad lighting :(

I'm not good at icing yet.  Don't hold that against me!
Sour Patch Straw antennas, Mentos eyes, and sour candy ears
I'm in love!!!!  They came out so great (if I do say so myself!!!)
My Toy Story table. Noah's toys came in handy!
I'm loving the way everything came out!  I've gotten so many compliments on my aliens that I think I'll end up making a batch for work soon.  All in all, our party was a success and so were my cupcakes!!!

Next up....our Disney celebration for Noah's birthday!!!


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