Friday, August 12, 2011

Taking NYC by Storm....Part 2

So where did I leave off?  Oh yeah, we just got back to the hotel to check in on Friday.  So after we checked in and made ourselves at home in our hotel room...aka I unpacked everything while the Hubs laid in the bed....we headed out to finish up our first day of NYC adventure.  First we hit up Times Square.  That place has such an energy about it!  So many people, so many lights.  It was awesome!!!

I'm in Times Square!!!

I had no idea the NYE ball stayed up and lit all year long

Yes that's the Naked Cowboy!!!

Yes Please!!!
I wanted to make sure we knew where the theater was ahead of time so we headed off to find New World Stages.  Come to find out, it was only 10 blocks from our hotel which meant a very short walk on Saturday night.

Can you tell I'm excited?!?
After I relished in the lights of the theater for a few seconds, we headed off to find dinner.  We wanted to hit up Shake Shack....supposedly they have amazing burgers there (we never ended up eating there because there were lines out the door every time we stopped by) but ended up at Charley O's instead.  We had a great dinner.  Ironically enough, this placed had the best sweet tea either of us had ever had.  Who would have thought that the best sweet tea would be in the North???  Then of course we ended dinner with an amazing piece of NY die for!!!  We wandered around a little more and ended up by Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center.  I had been told that Top of the Rock (the top of Rockefeller Center) has the best views of the city so we decided to head to the top and check it out.  Boy were they right!  The most amazing views are definitely found here!  I even think it's better than the Empire State Building views!!!  I truly fell in love with the city when I took in the view from up here.

I mean, honestly, how can anything look better than this?!? And what a great view of Central Park!!!

Me with Central Park behind me

I know I've said this already but this is my favorite picture from the trip

Me, the Hubs and the Empire State Building....what a backdrop for a picture!!!
If you are ever in NYC, you have to go to Top of the Rock!  Truly worth the price of admission.  I think I would go there every time I was having a bad day if I could.  It's that beautiful and awe inspiring.  The pictures don't begin to do the view justice.  It's just amazing to see all the builidings and then Central Park, a huge, beautiful green space, in the middle of all the concrete.  Truly amazing.

So we started back home rather early.  We had been up since 3am, walking around the entire city for HOURS.  To say we were exhausted would be an understatement.  So we were in bed by like 9pm....losers I know.....

Next up....Saturday's adventures through Central Park, shopping, and the most important....RENT!!!!!

How fun are all the lights?!?!  Not a bad way to walk home

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