Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So here's a more accurate update

I'm just realizing that I wrote a post about being in the hospital.  I've learned a few times today that I shouldn't work on the computer right after getting pain meds.  Not the best situation.  So here's whats really going on.  On Sunday afternoon I started vomitting and having horrible stomach cramping.  This continued to yesterday with the pain getting horribly worse.  My MD told me I should go to the ER if the pain got too horrible. The Hubs decided to take me anyways.  So I showed up to the ER, got right in, and was hooked up to an IV in a matter of minutes. Both my MD and the ER doc thought it was my gallbladder.  My gallbladder ultrasound showed a perfectly normal gallbladder so my doctor was a little confused.  He admitted me for observation, pain management and antibiotics for an incidental UTI.  They also ordered a CT scan and a surgical consult.  The surgeon met us up in the room and based on his exam, he felt it was gallbladder but needed imaging to back it up.  So off to CT I went (after drinking horrible contrast) and then I had a HIDA scan this morning.  That scan tests the gallbladder specifically.  My results weren't good but not bad enough to take my gallbladder out.  So he wanted to consult GI to see if they wanted to rule anything out before surgery.  So what does GI decide????  EGD (upper GI scope) tomorrow and possibly a colonoscopy on Thursday....I'm never leaving the hospital and never getting my gallbladder out :(

So I'm ready to wind down for the night, get some meds, and get ready for my day tomorrow. 

Thanks Nicole and Whitney for visiting me today and showing me my escape route!!!

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