Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taking NYC by Storm...Part 3

I never imagined my recaps to be in so many parts.  But this way I won't bore you guys (at least I hope I'm not boring you!!!)  Before I start with Saturday's adventures, let me just share a few pics from Em's birthday yesterday.  We're doing her party on Saturday (the 20th) but we wanted to make sure she knew it was her birthday.  We had cupcakes and let her open a gift.  The Hubs and I finally found a Little Mermaid dress in her size so we snatched it up.  And of course, we could only find it in NYC!!!
Birthday Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

Getting some help with her gift from the brother

This has been her outfit of choice since taking it out of the bag. Isn't she the cutest Mermaid ever?!?
Ok. On to NYC.  If you missed the first 2 recaps, you can find them here and here.

The Hubs and I had planned out our itinerary the week before we headed up so we had planned on doing Central Park on Sunday but when we got up there, the weatherman said to do any outdoor plans on Saturday because it was going to rain all day Sunday.  So we changed things up a bit and headed to Central Park Saturday morning.  We took a detour through Times Square to grab breakfast at Juniors, right next to the Lion King Theater.  It was the best breakfast I've had in a long time.
Happy to start day 2 of our trip

Spinach and mushroom omlette the size of my head.....yes please!!!
After only attacking half of my omlette, we headed off to Central Park.  To say that it's beautiful is an understatement.  It is so green, so lush, so amazing.  It's amazing to see how green it is and then look off in any direction and see tall buildings surrounding it.  Its astonishing to see how big of a park it is and how many buildings surround it.  The pics from Top of the Rock show this.  A huge green square with concrete surrounding it.  We didn't even see the entire park.  We headed to the zoo to see what it was like.  They didn't have too many animals (we're spoiled with Lowry Park Zoo and Busch Gardens in our backyard) so we opted against spending the money to go in.  So we grabbed a snack (all I wanted was a soft pretzel from a street vendor) and headed towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art...aka the Met.
One of the many statues at the entrances to the park

A beautiful park with a beautiful city skyline

This picture almost seems fake.  It's this beautful there

Loving my pretzel (although not the best picture of me)
 Once we got close to the Met, we noticed lines winding all the way into Central Park.  We made it to the front stairs and asked if that was the line to get it.  Unfortunately, it was the last weekend for the Alexander McQueen exhibit (which I was dying to see) so people were coming out of the woodwork to see  it.  The line was at the 2.5 hour mark and we had RENT that night so I didn't want to risk waiting in line and rushing to get to the show.  We decided to head to the Met on Sunday.  We headed into town for some shopping and more exploration.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art....probably the most beautiful building in NYC

The Plaza....I keep saying it like Macaulay Culkin said it in Home Alone

Ladies and Gentlemen....We're at FAO Schwarz
Yes I danced on the piano from Big!!!

$25000 Barbie Foosball table....Doesn't every household have at least one of these???

The largest box of Nerds ever!  They had the best candy in ridiculous sizes

All that's missing is breakfast!!!

Enjoying our first (and only) hot dog of the trip
We stumbled across the Museum of Modern Art and decided to check it out.  NYC offers a great package for tourists called the NY City Pass.  We got passes to The Met, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, The Empire State Building, Top of the Rock (or you can choose the Guggenheim), and The Statue of Liberty.  It's half the overall price per person and definitely worth it!  So we headed into the museum and had a great time.  I did get a scolding by one of the museum people (I forget what they're really called) because I took a pic with my flash on (I forgot the flash was raised)...oops!!!  They had the most amazing Monet exhibit.  He is my all time favorite artist.  I could have stayed in there forever!!!

Starry Night...This is the pic I got in trouble for.  But its so much better with the flash!

Monet's Water Lilies

Another Water Lilies painting

How amazing are these brush strokes?!?

So happy and so honored to be in front of this masterpiece

Jackson Pollack....The Hubs doesn't get this one at all
 After leaving MoMA, we headed to find Crumbs Bakery.  I have a slight affinity to cupcakes and I heard that Crumbs is the way to go when it comes to cupcakes in NYC.  We were not disappointed.  I had a carrot cake one...yummy...and the Hubs got a peanut butter cup one.  His was definitely to die for (and I don't even like peanut butter!!!)  We accidentally found the Ed Sullivan Theater on our way to Crumbs.  I just loved stumbling upon things like this!!!

The pictures do no justice
The Hubs grabbed some chinese takeout and we enjoyed dinner, our cupcakes and a little TV back at the hotel as we rested up for RENT, which was so amazing that it gets it's own post!!!

Hope y'all are enjoying our trip as much as we did!!!  Next up....RENT!!!!

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