Monday, November 28, 2011

Fab Holiday Blog Challenge Day 1

2 posts in one day?!?!?  There are some weeks where I can't even post twice in 7 days!  Take that Hubs (he told me I was the worst blogger ever at dinner tonight)  This is y'all's lucky day (Did I just make that word up?)  The brilliant minds behind Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup came up with another awesome blog challenge all about my favorite time of year!!!

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Day 1: Fav gift received for Christmas
I'm going to cheat a little because I got my favorite gift a week before Christmas in 2004.  I was presented with this sweet number by the soon to be Hubs:
Granted the actual engagement ring part was just the center stone and the band with diamonds.  The 6 diamonds around the center stone are part of my wedding band but you get the idea
Now the proposal itself was less than exciting (worst proposal ever) but I love my ring so it makes up for it (not really).
Love you Hubs!!!!

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