Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge Day 3

Let me just tell you how much I wanted to go back to work today after a great 6 days yeah....not at all.  I really need to hit the lotto or something so this girl can stay at home on a daily basis.  That would be the life.  But I digress....

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Today's theme for the Holiday Blog Challenge goes along with everything we've been doing tonight (we started to decorate our Christmas tree).  Today is all about Holiday Decor.
I live for Christmas time.  It really is my favorite time of year.  I get excited when Christmas decorations are sneaking in at Target while the Halloween costumes are still out. I'm not mad that Christmas music was being played on the radio a few days before Thanksgiving.  Yes.  I'm one of those people.  So of course Christmas is one of the only holidays I actually decorate the house for.  The Hubs hates Christmas but is nice enough to put on a happy face and get on the roof to put the lights on the house.  He also lets me add a new little something to our outside decor every year.  This year it was a set of 3 lighted gift boxes for the yard!!!
When it comes to Christmas, I collect snowmen and Nativity scenes.  I think I gravitated towards snowmen because my Mom decorates in all Santa's.  I don't know where I got my Nativity scene obsession.  I still have my very first scene that I used to put out in my bedroom when I lived at my parents.  My collection now includes the Willow Tree Nativity, my all time favorite, all the way to the Little People Nativity (and I did not buy it for my kids).  This weekend, I'll have everything set up and I'm sure I'll post a pic or twelve!
I just can't wait for my newest Christmas decor craft.  I'm not going to blab what it is until it's completed but all I can say is acrylic paint, empty Wallflower plug ins, and apothecary jars!!!
Here's a few pics of some of our decor from years past
Some of the snowmen in our old entertainment center (I think in 2009)

My favorite, courtesy of my Momma
My first ever Nativity Scene
Yes, I got very excited when I saw this in the stores!!!
 Hope all of you are having a great time decorating for the holidays!!!


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  1. I love your decorations! I collect nativity scenes too, and I have the Willow Tree one and the little one that lights up that you posted afterwards (it was my first one, too)! Now we have started to collect nativity scenes on our travels.

    I also love your snowmen - so cute! :)