Thursday, December 1, 2011

Special Teams Coaches Inquire Here

Well I'm officially depressed by my football team.  Why can't USF actually play decent football on both sides of the ball???  It doesn't work when your defense is really good, your offense is mediocre, and your special teams is HORRIBLE.  I'm hoping we can pull off a big win over West Virginia tonight so we can become bowl eligible (such a sad statement...we're not even bowl eligible yet.  Yep...we're that bad this year).  It's a sad, sad season. For Reals....and if that's not depressing enough, I've had 2 sweet patients relapse this week.  Cancer sucks big time.  And it sucks even more in kiddos.

But here's something that makes me happy....Christmas Movies!!!  Today's topic is all about holiday movies.'re not linking up with Amber and Neely?!?!  You should!!!!  It's the coolest (said in my very best Billy Madison voice)
Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Hands down, the best Christmas movie is Love Actually.  The airport scene at the end.  The adorable boy pining over his classmate.  Falling in love in a foreign country.  Absolutely amazing!!!  I could watch it a million times in a row.
And to make it even better, the Hubs loves it too.  We just love it when it comes on.
What's your favorite holiday movie???
Have a great Friday everyone!!!

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