Friday, December 2, 2011


I am so glad it's Friday!  Work week is done.  Time to play with the fam.  My living room has been invaded by my Pampered Chef items (and the items that all my amazing friends purchased) so tonight I'm going to work on that.  Tomorrow we're headed to the park to catch a ride on the little train and then we're finishing up our Christmas tree and decorations.  I'm hoping to catch a nap somewhere in there too.

Today's Holiday Blog Challenge topic is Ideal outfit for Christmas/NYE

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

This one is tough for me because I have nothing in mind this year.  It bothers me a little but I'm ok with it.  I love dressing up so I'm sure I'll be in a dress of some sort with my fabulous red heels.  But other than that, I've got nothing.  I'm also not a big NYE person.  We usually don't go out at all.  Actually, I've always worked NYE/NY Day.  It's never bothered me that we don't have some fancy plan for that night.  You're probably thinking that I'm so BORING.  I am but that's ok.  Hope ya'll still like me!!!
But if I were to go out, I know that there would be sparkles of some sort involved.  Whether it be glittered heels or a sparkly skirt, I know for a fact this girl would be sparkling like Edward in sunlight! lost in that visual for a moment (Edward...not me).  Back to reality......

Since this is such a boring post, I thought I'd share another Chippy the Elf picture.  We've established that Chippy definitely comes to life when no one's home because Noah left a gummy bear in front of him before school and when he got home, it was gone (or eaten).  All signs point to Chippy and not the gummy bear breath I had!!!  I just love how excited he is about this silly Elf!!!
Just hanging around
He's so cute but so creepy!!!  I always imagine this thing coming to life, coming to the side of my bed while I'm sleeping and rubbing my face.....CREEPY!!!!
 Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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