Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Funnies

Before I go to bed (yes I know it's only 9pm but I have a raging headache going on), I had to share a few random quotes from my kiddos.  Noah will be 5 in January and Emmy is 2.  The things they come up with is unreal!!!

A few days ago we were at dinner at Red Lobster.  Noah says "When I get older I want to be fat like Daddy so I can eat nachos."  The poor kid thinks he has to be old and fat to enjoy nachos.  He doesn't even like nachos.

He also told the Hubs's mom "You're not fat like Daddy.  You're just old."

Tonight, Em was avoiding eating dinner by playing with the creepy, singing angel my mom gave me last year (it was her's but Em loved is so she gave it to's down right creepy).  She decides she needs an angel dress so I got up to get a dress out of her room and she went hysterical crying because she wanted to go to the garage.  When I came out of her room with her poofy white dress, she squealed in excitement, wiped her eyes, and said "I not crying anymore" and life was good.  She then danced in circles for the next 15 minutes before saying to the Hubs "Dance for me."  She's so bossy but so cute!!!

This one happened last year but Noah was talking with a girl in his class who I think he has a little (huge) crush on.  I don't know what was said first but it ended with Noah saying "Your butt's bigger than mine."  In true girl-fashion, she cried.  He was only 4 and already making girls cry.

Man do I love those 2!!!!

And since I can't stand posting without a picture:
Me and the Hubs at the UF/FSU game

Have a great weekend!!!  I'm going to catch up on some sleep, finish shopping and wrapping, and hopefully catch up on some blogging.  I've realized that I still have to talk about our trip to the Swamp and finish up our Disney trip


  1. How cute! Kids truly do say the darndest things! Hope your headache has gone away!