Monday, December 12, 2011

Where Dreams Come True

This definitely is the case!  We went to Disney (again) this past weekend with the Hubs's family.  That included his mom and step-dad, his brother/sister-in-law/our nephew, his step-brother/fiancee, the Hubs's best friend/his wife/their 2 kids/plus her dad and mom, and the 4 of us.  That's 17 people in all folks.  I bet you can picture what dinner looked like.  Oh and all 5 kids were under the age of 5.
I found a great resort on Orbitz (anyone looking to stay in Orlando should definitely check out Orange Lake Resort....AWESOME place to stay....more on that later).  We all decided to head up Friday night so we'd already be checked in for Saturday...aka....we could go back to the hotel for naptime.  The place was amazing.  We had a 2 bedroom villa and a 3 bedroom villa.  Each room had it's own bathroom and each villa was fully equipped with a full kitchen and all the dishes/baking dishes/pots/pans, etc, you would ever need to actually cook there, plus a washer and dryer.  We opted to stay with the Hubs's best friend's family because our boys are about the same age and best buddies.  Let me just tell you....the kids were in heaven with all the space to run around and play!  I mean check out our room:
 But I digress.....
We finally get the kids to bed (way past their bedtimes) and grab a few hours of sleep before making our way to Disney!!!  Noah and Randy were surprised to see these 2 dudes just hanging around
We headed to Disney and the fun began!  We went in 2 groups: the early crowd (our hotel roomies) and the late crowd (our other group mates).  The park opened at 8 so we wanted to be sure to be there.  We loaded the kids in the car and headed over.  Noah was so excited to have Randy around.  He's Noah's best bud in the world.  It's cute that they're such good friends since their Daddy's are besties.  Plus Noah got to run around Disney with someone other than his baby sister.  We took the kiddos on all the great rides: Buzz Lightyear, the Rocket Ships, the race cars, teacups, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Small World, and so many more.  Here's a few pics of the overload!!!
Getting ready to hop on the monorail.  Em dressed like Jessie from Toy Story all day
Noah's buddy Randy
On the Rocket Ships
The Hubs's best friend and his family

Waiting to drive on the speedway
The Daddy's took all the kiddos on the teacups
Noah tried to remove the Sword in the Stone
So did the Hubs
Em gave it a shot with the help of Noah and Daddy
I just love when little kids hold hands!!!
And if that wasn't bombardment of photos, here's a few more.  Em got to meet Ariel!!!!!!!!
 She was super excited but wanted nothing to do with poor Prince Eric.  He wasn't allowed to be in any of the pictures.  After meeting our fav princess, we headed back to the hotel for lunch and naptime.

Next up....Disney After Dark!!!


  1. I haven't been to disney in forever. I want to go back desperately.

  2. looks like so much fun! when i went to disney world when i was 5 i met chip and dale and they have always been my favorites :) love going to Disney (we even went there for our honeymoon!)